Choosing between Love SM & classic

Aug 23, 2020
Hi Ladies,

I have been looking into buying the Cartier Love bracelet and was wondering which you think better suits my frame?

I'm petite & 5'1, and I love both sizes but worried that the classic may look too bulky on me.

I would be looking to get the 4/6 diamond one depending on the bracelet.

Appreciate your help so much. Thank you!




May 19, 2019
Go for the classic! I'm petite also (even more petite - it's not too bulky, just takes some time to get used to) and got the small first, but if I could do it all over, I would have just gotten the classic.

Within a year's time, I begin to see what other users have stated all along - that the small really needs a companion. The classic makes a STATEMENT and can stand on its own; whereas, the small looks LONELY and INCOMPLETE on its own is the best way I can put it. It needs a companion.

Several months ago, I got the 4 diamond Love to go with my small Love. I have to look on the bright side that things worked out for the best for me because I think if I started off with the classic - it probably would have been the plain, but now I have the one with diamonds - which I ADORE!
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Mar 19, 2007
LaLa Land
Classic. I kept looking at your pictures and decided that you can actually rock both on its own. But if you can carry off the classic, definitely get the classic. It is after all the classic!

I tried the classic on for at least 15 years. Never looked right on me, even the sales ladies turned me down over the years. So I gave up.

I did not have a LOVE collection until the small version came out. And I was really hesitant at first.


Mar 8, 2011
Classic. It looks wonderful on you, even though the other is also nice. I prefer the classic. I'm also petite and as I got older I gravitated toward larger and larger pieces and am the happier for it. You're going to be wearing it for years and will be glad for the classic.


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Jan 22, 2009
On your other arm, I spy a bigger piece (watch) so if you get the small love, it'll likely get lost on your other arm. Also depends if all your other pieces are dainty, thin, and small. But from that photo, the classic looks good on you paired with your watch. I'm about the same height as you and opt for the smaller one because all my other pieces are thin and dainty and plan to stack with a thin juc. :smile:
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