Choosing between Idylle & Vachetta...

Aug 11, 2008
Hi. I was SO set on getting the Brea PM on Sunday for my birthday (I'm turning 16, haha... it's kind of a birthday present TO myself since I saved the money up.)
and now... I've been set off track... with Monogram Idylle - the speedy! It's soooo pretty and I love the speedy shape... and it has no vachetta (which I do think I should take a break from.) I feel like it's also more classic than the Brea PM... and I think I'd get a lot more use out of it (for school, etc) and it seems a lot more durable for my life style.
I think they're equally pretty... but I think I have this thing with vachetta... I LOVE IT - until it gets REALLY dirty, then I'm "okay" with it. I mean, it doesn't ruin a bag for me, but I get more enjoyment out of the oxidation process then the actually vachetta - LOL!
I think this will be my last bag until September...
My mother and me currently have an Epi Lockit in Ivory put on hold, a Tivoli PM, a Speedy 25 in azur and Mono NF MM.

:sad: Why does LV have to release these new bags!? It makes things so much harder. I also LOVE the lock on the Speedy... it's so pretty. It reminds me of the lock on the vernis Alma (out of my budget!)

I do ALREADY have a speedy though... I wonder if it will be a bit repetitive? It's a 30 (which is the size I originally wish I would have gotten for my damier azur speedy) But at the same time... the Brea is very similair to the speedy as well... and the handles on the brea are sort of uncomfortable (from what I remember...) on my wrist... so I don't think I'd get much use out of it as a handbag - where as the speedy handles are always comfortable. So it's more versatile. I honestly was feeling like I was 'settling' on the brea... but at the same time I don't want to be 're-settling' on the Idylle speedy.

I'd be getting either amarante or sepia.

Here are pictures and measurements:

The Brea is a bit more 'glitzier'... but I don't know if that's what I'm going to like in a couple of months?

Also: does anyone know how long either bags will be around or if they will BOTH be permenant?
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Feb 23, 2010
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I'm aiming for Idylle Speedy 30 for my next LV also. I'm not having doubts about it for some reason. It is a very cute bag. It would look very lovely on you.

Pink one? ;) Just an opinion. Good Luck on your decision~! and Happy Early Birthday! :party:


Feb 4, 2010
I can so totally understand your dilemma... I was set on a Palermo PM when Idylle Speedy came along... now I'm stuck between the 2 too... But between Idylle and Brea, i prefer the look of the Idylle Speedy..

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Sep 23, 2008
I like both bags a lot, but have not seen the new Idylle IRL yet. The brea is a gorgeous bag, and I love vernis, but I'm not always a big fan of vernis with vachetta. I normally would say go for the Brea, but because you're still in school, I think you might get a lot more use from the new Idylle Speedy. Plus, all your comments make me think that getting the Idylle speedy is really what you want. I definitely would not get the Brea if you feel like you're settling on it, I'd say go for the one you love and that sounds like the speedy! I think the Sepia color you chose is gorgeous! I don't know if the bags you and your mom have on hold are for both of you (to share?) but if you end up getting yoru Idylle speedy and your mom gets on of the bags she has on hold, you'll have a really nice selection of bags to choose from. Good luck with your decision and Happy Birthday!


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Dec 11, 2008
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Brea...vernis generally wears better i think...i've seen previously released "cloth?" speedy...their corners get sooo worn out ><


Feb 4, 2010
Brea...vernis generally wears better i think...i've seen previously released "cloth?" speedy...their corners get sooo worn out ><
My SA who was trying to sell Idylle to me said that this new "canvas" is now coated with some kind of polymer to make it water-repellent and less prone to fraying... i'm not sure how much more durable this new canvas is though...