Choosing between caviar maxi and grey large camera reissue...

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  1. Hi everyone. My sister is asking me to buy a bag for her.They don't have a Chanel boutique or stores that carry Chanel bags so she asked me to get one for her. She asked me to get either the black caviar maxi or the grey large reissue camera bag. She's tall so I think both will be good for her. I just can't seem to decide which one to get for her since I like both bags. So I'm asking you guys which one you would choose between the 2. Which bag do you like more in general... TIA for your suggestions...
  2. I vote for the black caviar maxi or even a black caviar jumbo.

  3. If it is her first Chanel bag, then you should probably get the black caviar maxi. It has more of the signature Chanel look - CC closure, leather-intertwined chain, shoulder flap bag. I have the grey reissue camera bag, and I love it, but I wouldn't get it as my first Chanel bag. But if your sister already has Chanel flaps, then I would go for this style.
  4. I agree :yes:
  5. Maxi! I returned the large reissue tote because I thought the strap drop was a little short for the bag - I had to push it behind my arm in order to carry it comfortably.
  6. Thanks! She has a few Chanel bags already. 3 flaps, 1 GST, 1 large cambon tote.
  7. I have the large grey reissue and I really love it. Since she already has 3 flaps this is a great alternative.
  8. maxi
  9. Maxi seems to be the one to get right now.
  10. I've seen and tried on both - my choice would be the large camera reissue because the grey colour is gorgeous and I found the maxi unstructured and scratched easily as well. That's just my opinion!!! I'm sure your sis will like whichever you choose!
  11. camera!
  12. Jumbo Caviar NOT the Maxi as someone here has already experienced problems with MAXI having wings. Not structured. Slouchy and creases! Camera is also a lovely bag.
  13. Maxi for sure!
  14. Maxi has wings! LOL. That is so funny. I think Chanel may regret that name.
  15. im not a fan of the maxi at all. i prefer the jumbo flaps.. but i vote for the camera bag in this case