choosing between berry and rose zoe

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  1. IM completely torn between the pretty light pink rose zoe and the rich berry color zoe. I have one signature zoe so I would like a leather one. I was thinking the black leather zoe but I have black leather carly which is like new, so then I though about a pop of color.. but I just can't choose between rose and berry and suggestions how you guys chose and why would be appreciated :O):biggrin:
  2. I say berry because. It's so yummy. Plus fall is right around the corner and it's a better color for fall IMO.
  3. ITA w/daniellesmommy! I just bought the berry zoe and love it! Couldn't ask for a better color!
  4. totally the BERRY!!!!
  5. I prefer the Berry too, and the lilac lining is pretty!
  6. I love the colour of the berry Zoe. The rose is pretty too but the berry is just so exciting. Definitely go for the berry for fall.
  7. I bought the rose when it first hit the outlets, but then when the berry color came out a few weeks later, I returned the rose and got the berry. I love purple (much more so than pink) and I thought it would go with more of my wardrobe. They are both really nice colors, but my vote is for the berry too!!
  8. Berry!
  9. I think the Berry Zoe has more staying power as a year-round bag, and it is so gorgeous.
  10. I couldn't decide either so I got both!!! However I may return the Rose. I got it before the 30% off (I did use a 20% but still!) and it was too long to get a PA. Plus I think I do like the berry more actually. I feel like I won't really want to use the pink until February and on. So I may hold on to it a while longer just to see. That's what I love: you have a year to return it! Let us know what you decide!!!
  11. I say get BOTH!!! I'm no help. :nogood:

    My BF helped me on this decision--with a Coach gift certificate.

    Last week, I went to the outlet and bought my Large Berry Patent Zoe. It's pretty but, unfortunately, I have so many dark bags and I when I did try out the Rose Patent Zoe, the shock of the lighter colour tantalized my eyes. :blink: I actually liked it--coming from a gal who loves blacks/browns/dark purples. In fact, my first patent was the green.

    Just a few days ago, my BF drove me back to the outlet with the 20% off coupon. I had to use the remainder of the Coach gift certificate after buying the Berry Patent Zoe. (Sigh! I snipped off the tag off my Berry and couldn't return it to get a price readjustment.) and had to get the Rose Patent. I totally love that I don't have to choose. I think because it's Patent, I won't worry so much about colour transfer or getting it dirtied.

    At this price, I don't think you have to choose. You can carry the Rose Patent Zoe for the remainder of the summer and change into the Berry Patent Zoe for the Fall season. I know that I would be kicking myself if I didn't get the Rose Patent at this price. Mind you, I will not be snipping off the tag for a few weeks in case the price drops even further since I already have the Green and the Berry to keep me happy--as well as my other Zoes. :biggrin:
  12. Unless you ABSOLUTELY must have patent... go in between and get Orchid! Otherwise Berry is a fabulous color and had they made a non-patent version it would be MINE!
  13. ITA with IE Princess-- I think you'll get more bang for your buck in having a really lovely bag you can wear now straight into fall.
  14. Go for Berry! It can be used in all the seasons.
  15. Berry berry berry! :biggrin: Such a gorgeous color.