Choosing an engagement ring--help please!

  1. My sweetie and I are thinking about getting engaged soon. He wants me to let him know the type of ring I want. I'm overwhelmed by the selection out there and have no idea where to begin:shrugs: . He says his budget is around $30-40K and he wants to get me at least a 2 carat ring. Does anyone have brilliant suggestions as to which websites I should look at and how I can decide?

  2. Go to to see what you may like. You can create your own ring there and they find matches for you for it.
  3. signed pieces/facets, whiteflash. one in nyc the other houston.
  4. whiteflash does aaaamazing stuff.

    Diamond prices: comparison, statistics, education you can see some examples of their work throughout pricescope (and lots of other people as well). there's also a lot of good information about what to look for in buying a diamond.
  5. i should have added pearlman's in michigan. all also have websites so you can get an idea of what they have.
  6. Thank you all! I didn't know choosing a ring could be such an art! If anyone else has any other suggestions, please let me know! Thanks again!
  7. Also see to get some ideas. When choosing the diamond, the most important things are cut, color, and clarity, in that order. Good luck!
  8. if you're in or near nyc, i'll recommend the jeweler that my fiance bought my engagement ring, at cost. he's great and can find anything you want. with your budget, you can definitely find a 2 carat minimum...not considering the other 3 c's though.

    other than that, i'd recommend graff jewelery, where i'm getting my wedding band. they make the most beautiful stones, great service too, the price can even be "negotiated."
  9. oh i looooove graff but 30 k do not take you far there

    i would recommend a good local jeweler or if he does know nothing about diamonds tiffanys or cartier. but usually you do get a bigger stone same quality at a local jeweler for the price you have to pay at the brands
  10. All you need is There you'll learn all about the 4 C's (the most important being Cut) as well as find out about some AWESOME internet vendors. If you buy from one of them, you can get a better, bigger diamond for less money than you would at a regular brick and mortar shop.

    Also check out There are masterpieces there by Leon Mege. I have a 3-stone ring by him and it is divine.
  11. Go to Tiffany's!
  12. take my word for it (or look on pricescope yourself)...kristydarlings ring(s) is/are FABULOUS... an excellent example of the amazing quality of online vendors if you do your research.:yes:

    kristydarling: i didn't know you were here! i feel like i'm talking to a celebrity. :girlsigh:
  13. May I ask why you wouldn't recommend shaneco?

    I went to the Shane Company here in Seattle area to get my engagement/wedding ring, my husband's ring, and my wedding jewelry (before I knew how to make my own).

    Of course, our budget was nowhere near $30k! I think my ring was less than $3,000 and that seemed extravegant to me. :smile: I'm just a simple country girl. LOL
  14. If you're looking for your engagement ring, take the time to pick out wedding bands as well, especially if you want the bands to lie flush against each other. I had to have my center stone reset a little higher a few months before my wedding because I didn't think about how I'd wear a band with it!

    You might also look at precious stones and colored diamonds if you'd like a gorgeous, unusual piece. Though I love and wear my original e-ring, my husband surprised me with a second pink sapphire/pink diamond e-ring on our six-month anniversary and I got loads more compliments on that ring than my diamond solitaire.