Choosing an agenda: Trunks and Bags vs Desk

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to buy an agenda but am stuck on which one to get. :hrmm:

    [​IMG] VS [​IMG]

    I love the Trunks and Bags Agenda PM for its graphic, as well as the fact that it was a seasonal item. My SA has kindly managed to source one for me from New Zealand as Australia has sold out. It retails here for $420, excluding the refills which will have to be purchased separately.

    On the other hand, I might be able to score an authentic new Desk Agenda off this eBay seller for about $385, or even less, if my best offer is accepted. He is also including this year's refills with the agenda.

    Although the sizes of both agendas are quite different, I could easily get a lot of use out of either one. Hence, my dilemma. I guess I don't mind paying about $500 for the Trunks and Bags Agenda + refills, but the price on the Desk Agenda does seem like a bargain considering the RRP here.

    Please nudge me towards one direction! :upsidedown:
  2. Since you dont mind paying as you said..just go for the one you like more.
    I like the T&B Agenda!
  3. I'd get the Trunks and Bags agenda, it's seasonal and I prefer the look. Although the Desk Agenda sounds like a great deal! Oops, I guess that's not much help...
  4. I have a Trunks and Bags Agenda myself and would also vote for that. Looks more intersting. But in Europe it is a permanent item - not seasonal...?
  5. I own a trunks and bags and I love it. Really nice... Go for it!:tup:
  6. It sounds like you are tempted by the one on ebay, just because it feels like a bargain. But what good is a bargain when it's not the item you really like? ;)

    I say go for the Trunks & Bags.
  7. I vote for the T&B agenda!
  8. T&B! I love the look of it. And the fact that it is seasonal puts it over the top.
  9. I vote for the T&B agenda. I don't really trust ebay and I love anything T&B!
  10. Thanks everyone for your opinions so far!
  11. Hi there! I guess I like both :biggrin: I'm not really helping right? emmm.... I guess I love the T&B. I Have the belt and I LVoe it!
  12. i would get the trunks... well cause its much more transportable! and its seasonal. if u plan to use it at one place and not bring it around much the desk is perfect.
  13. I like the T&B design and if you will equally get the same amount of use out of them, I would go for the T&B design.
  14. I enjoy my T&B so much so I'd give it my vote...
  15. t&b:heart:33