choosing a wallet

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  1. i currently use the lv ludlow which i love bc it's sm, makes me carry only the essentials & it fits in even my small bags. i am thinking of getting a larger wallet though and i'm considering the chanel camelia and the lv zippy or pochette wallet. i'd love any advice or recs for a different wallet i haven't considered! thank you!!
  2. I love my Zippy - it holds so much and doesn't take up as much room as you would imagine it would.
  3. I love the zippy. I don't have an LV but I have a Prada version that is identical and it's the best wallet ever.
  4. Go with the Zippy. It is such a cute style.
  5. I love my zippy. It holds a ton, but stays nice and slim! I highly recommend it!
  6. How about the Pomme Pochette? Easy to get in and out of and matches most bags from any designers!
  7. omg the eugenie, its the BEST wallet ever, holds about 15 cards, has an id window, coin zip. I love it to peices, I just got a chanel wallet today and it doesnt compare in funtion to the eugenie! I love this wallet, I wish it came in damier.
  8. i don't have one, but after looking at wallets in the boutique i think the Koala wallet is the most beautiful/practical wallet ever. it has 9 card slots (most of the others don't have as many) and has an ID window. has a space for coins too. and i just love the clasp.

    i think the french purse looks really nice, but is somewhat impractical (esp the older version with only 4 card slots). as for the others i'm not a fan of long wallets personally. the pochette/zippy/pti wallets look pretty, but wouldn't fit in half my bags (lol).
  9. i really like the zippy too.. or you can also consider eugene...
  10. I say Zippy if you want a bit bigger!
  11. Another vote for zippy here. I love mine.
  12. Pochette Wallet, love mine as it's so easy to use.
  13. i really appreciate everyone's replies! for those with the zippy or pochette - do you ever use it as a clutch? that's why i'm thinking of getting a larger size wallet now.
  14. I have the pochette and I just cant explain how much I love it!!! Plus the pochette looks much more elegant by far than the zippy wallet if you want to use it as a Clutch.
  15. I have both Zippy and Pochette wallets (among other style LV wallets) but I use the Pochette more frequently. This style is by far my favorite. It's very easy to get in and out of and it's not huge (unlike Zippy) but fits a lot.:yes: I have two in multicolore and one in vernis.

    My next purchase is the Mono Pochette wallet.:tup:

    Good luck with your decision and please post pics when you get it!