Choosing a stam!

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  1. I am seriously thinking about getting a stam, but got stuck about deciding which one to choose. There are the points I am thinking about:

    1. I really like a beige or ivory or eggshell stam. These are all beautiful colors, which match with nearly everything. What do you people, maybe those who own a bag in that color, think about the handling? Does it get dirty easy? Are the bags easy to clean? Or do I just have to be careful (which is obviously the best... But I also want to use the bag...)?

    2. This leads to the second point about thinking to just get a classic black stam (beautiful, but I already have a lot of stuff in black..., so maybe a little boring), which also matches everything.

    3. Next question is: what is nicer: the quilted or the patchwork style. Both really cute in my eyes, thus adding another very hard question for me.

    So here my request: please let me know your opinions about these points - and I would also be very grateful for any storys about the handling of the bags (e.g. read that the heavy chain easily might hurt the leather??).

    Thx to all! :smile:
  2. Have you seen them IRL? Also consider size, it's a lot bigger than the Kid.

    1) I have a PW ivory venetia and i think it does pick up dirt transfer way easier than darker bags. I never set it on the floor and have only used it fewer than 10 times but somehow I still found a smudge or two. you should have no problem keeping it clean if you purchse some good leather cleaner. alot of the members here use Appleguarde and there is a 20% off code in the Deals and Steals section

    2) Black matches everything, but if you own black bags, consider the new dark grey soft quilt stam. it is a spring 2008 color- available on the bloomingdales site (also pictured below in my Signature). If you like dark blues, there was a Indigo Patchwork stam released fall 07

    3) I liked the PW better at first but now I am considering a Quilted stam for my First. I think it's classy and timeless but it's really your personal preference :smile:

    ~ the chain is removable so if the weight bothers you, you can take it off easily.
  3. I saw the quilted Stam bag IRL on a business trip two weeks ago, but only in beige. Beautiful bag. Haven't seen the Patchwork yet, because I still did not find a store in Germany which sell Stam bags... The seller in the MJ Shop (was in Dubai) told me that the Patchwork is a bit stiffer than the quilted stam, which I would maybe prefer. But the quilted stam didn't look that soft to me either. The grey one is indeed very nice, but I guess not easy to get from Europe... Marc Jacobs really needs a dependance in Europe...
  4. okay - i love stam HOWEVER - make sure that you are prepared for the weight. Cause i had to sell mine due to being too heavy (or me just being weak ... one of the two!) ... having said that, i think the light colours (while gorgeous) are too easy to get dirty and not easy to clean - especially the handles! Id go black and i personally love quilted (elastic if you can get it).

    welcome to the MJ addiction!
  5. Thx. MJ is just for addiction. :P Luckily I am used to heavy bags... :smile: Already read that it seems to weight over 1 kg. When I "tried" it on in the store, I felt I will be ok with that. *luckylucky*

    Did anyone of you had any experiences with the chain scratching at the leathery part above the loop for the chain?
  6. If you're going to pay full price for one, I recommend the quilted. My SA at NM told me that the patchwork will be discontinued and probably go on sale. If I were going to buy a stam, I'd get the quilted truffle one at There is also a code for 30% off on the deals and steals thread. Their website says they do some international shipping.
  7. While I don't own a black and/or an ivory, eggshell, etc I DO own 2 quilted stams and one PW -- first of all, the PW is MUCH lighter than the quilted. I think it's a combination of the lining and the leather -- the ends of the PW stam are soft calf leather, and it's a little thinner than the quilted leather. I was amazed at how much lighter my PW was compared to my quilted (one of my stams is a 1st season made from Nappa leather - that's even lighter than the PW!!).

    The shapes are also a little different - because the PW is so much softer the bag collapses a little more when you carry it on your arm and/or set it down. And when you use the chain, the bottom drops down and changes the shape of the bag. It's a little hard to explain, but trust me, I was surprised at how different the PW carried than the quilted - and not in a bad way either.

    For the longest time, I resisted the PW styles and didn't care for them. But then I found a PW Stam that had been marked down to a fantastic price and made it my first stam -- I'm so glad I did becuz I really LOVE that bag a lot!! I guess whether or not you buy a quilted or a PW really depends on your own personal taste -- do you plan on owning more than one stam or will this be it? If you think you might buy another, then try one and get the other one later -- if you really think this will be your only stam purchase then weight the pros & cons of each (i.e., Quilted is a more classic, sophisiticated look, PW is lighter weight). I don't think you can go wrong w/either IMO --

    (PW discontinued? really?)
  8. well this is my two cents of advice on the style. i prefer the patchwork, its sooo gorgeous!
  9. I own a quilted Stam in a grey/brown color from Fall 07 called Grey. I don't find that the chain scratches the leather. Personally, I would go with a neutral brown color if you are looking for a bag to carry as an alternate to black. While I think the black is so classic, if you already have many black bags, a great brown color could work as a classic neutral. I would be concerned with the lighter colors on the handle area. I generally hand carry my stam or carry on the crook of my arm. I don't use the chain to carry on my shoulder, so I would be worried that the lighter colored handles would change color quickly. As far as patchwork v quilted I love them both!
  10. I agree with a lot of what everyone has already written. It really is just a personal choice. Which one do you like better?

    Here is just my opinion. I own 6 quilted Stams and 1 patchwork.

    The Quilted is definitely more of a classic, structured bag. I think it is much stiffer than the Patchwork. I love the look. I think it is a very lady-like look, but has a funky, kind of rock and roll edge to it. You cannot go wrong with this style, in my opinion. I think it is a great bag that will always look good.

    I used to HATE the patchwork bags. I really could not stand them. I don't know what swayed me, but I have really done a complete turnaround with these bags. I have a Cherry Tart Patchwork Stam and I love that bag. It is so soft and much lighter than the quilted. The leather on the PW Stams is really glossy and beautiful. I think this bag is a little less classic looking, more of a youthful appearance. I would definitely think about getting another PW Stam.

    As for color, I worry about really light bags. I have a quilted Stam in White Chiffon that still has tags on it. I bought it last Summer and have not worn it, because I am really worried about it getting messed up. I use my other bags all the time, but this one has not been used. It is kind of silly to spend a lot of money on a bag that you are going to worry about. If you are getting one Stam, I think a darker shade, not necessarily really dark, would be nice. You really need to see these colors in person or make sure you purchase from somewhere that you can return the bag. Someone mentioned the Truffle quilted Stam. I wanted that bag so much. When I saw it in person, I didn't like it! So, it's always best to try to get a close up look, if you can.

    Whichever you choose, I think you will love it. I think the Stam is my all-time favorite MJ style. They are all really nice. Good luck and definitely let us all know which you choose.
  11. Last year I bought myself the "Little Stam" bag. After seeing so many Stam fakes,
    and how popular it was (so many girls wearing the fakes) I decided to go for something
    a little different. I love the Little Stam so much better.
  12. I Love Love Love Pw :smile:
  13. i like patchwork on other styles like the klein and ines not necessarily on the stam, but depending on the color, my opinion can easily be swayed. i always loved pw in the bordeaux, cherrytart, and petrol. basically, all the standout colors. i like the quilted stam best, but like everyone says it comes down to your personal preference and style.

    you shouldn't buy black though. you already have so many black bags, so you ought to go for something different. i don't find the quilted stam to be very high maintenance. there's always going to be more anxiety involved when carrying any white or light colored bag, but the leather is treated, resilient, and easy to clean. as long as you have a cleaner like apple leather care, you should be fine. get an ivory stam! they're really beautiful!

  14. Can someone let me know if there are 2 very similar sizes of the Stam? I was looking on NM and there is one called the Classic Quilted Stam and one called the Stam Quilted Satchel:

    They both look similar, except the satchel looks like it has longer handles and is not as tall, and has the chain strap whereas the other doesn't? But when I look at the description and dimensions, it is the same for both :confused1:

    I also saw the Truffle one on the Purse Store. Is that one the Satchel?? HELP!??`

  15. nm is crazy. i hate how they rename things.

    both have the chain straps. what they're calling the stam satchel is the current season stams where the leather is softer and has a slight distressed finish. it's less structured than the classic stam, which is made of stiffer, pebbled calfskin.

    truffle is made of the same leather as the classic stam. i prefer the classic stam leather to the new one. the bag's shape holds up better. hope that clears things up for you a bit!