Choosing a new home store

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  1. Dear all,
    I'm just repositioning in a new country where my work will include job frequent travels across Europe. This also means having to pick up a new Hermes boutique! Of course it's very exciting but now I'm also facing the dilemma of choosing! I already have acquired lots of nice H items including bags and would like to establish a new store relationship fairly fast. H policies keep on changing and every store has their own ways of working, so I would really appreciate any insight from you dear TPF fellows. How does it work in Central Europe, such as:

    - Should i choose a large or small store? (Large has more stock but also more competition regarding high demand items?)
    - Franchise stores, yay or nay?
    - FSH, is establishing a relationship useless if you don't live in Paris?
    - Does it matter which SA you pick? Or should I go directly with SM? (My personal experience on this varies a lot)
    - Finally, any recommendations on great boutiques? :smile: As said, the actual location is not as important as the store itself.
  2. Great: Salzburg but won't sell bags to non Austrians, esp. no K no B no C.

    Less great (not to say poor): Munich unless you find a very good SA. But imo not designed for regular customers.
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  3. My 2 cents, try one (smaller) store in France, FSH and one in your hometown assuming there is one. It may be spreading too thin but I think you get the best chances. Work with one SA at each store. FSH has a huge number of international clientele, they have no problems with where you live. Just remember your quota may be shared amongst stores in France/ Europe. HTH!
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  4. Thank you for the replies! :love: I'm currently touring some stores to get an overview before making the final decision...
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    I believe systems currently are country-specific, with rumours going around that this will become a globally transparent system in the future. Though I can't imagine this is high priority within Hermès.

    If you are near a border, perhaps you could work with two stores to accelerate your bag acquisition schedule, so to speak. :biggrin:

    I have the opportunity to do so, but for me the relationship with my SA is good and a large aspect of why I enjoy shopping at H. She often goes above and beyond for me, so I might begin to feel I have to be conscious of which H items I bring to the store with me, if I did purchase at two stores. But that's strictly me personally, of course.

    I would find a store with a great atmosphere, where you feel comfortable, and most importantly find an SA you can connect with. I appreciate this may take time, but investing (not necessarily financially speaking) in this early will bear fruit later on.

    Good luck, do keep us updated! :smile:
  6. The task is much harder than I taught. I have been buying items here and there but have been somewhat disappointed at the European system. For example I like the German stores, but turns out that they cannot establish a relationship with clients outside Germany. Same seems to be the thing with Austria. I guess investigation continues...
  7. Do you know why they sell to Austrians only? Isn't that against the law? Sounds dicriminating.

  8. yeah, but actually this is not the European system. At least one member here has a SA in Paris but is living not in France (I don't remember her name, but that was discussed in the Paris for Hermès thread) and Austria offered me to call me once interesting items will arrive. Actually, beeing European I never heard of that before and - sorry - I really can not imagine, that this is European politics of Hermés.

    To the Austria question: well, for me it was totally ok, to be excluded from the K / B game in that country. It was absolutely acceptable for me, that they told me, that bags that are hard to find will be given to Austrians, especially as I do have 3 Hermés stores in the near of me. For me, Salzburg had the best SA I ever met, unfortunately I moved too far away.

    I guess, it depends on the following factors:
    1:smile: How far your country is away from the Hermès store (mind, that we have not those distances as the US has, so an inhibitant of Austria would not be seen as far away in Germany, but vice versa it would [don't ask me, cultural differences], an inhibitant of the UK would be seen as really far away in France and Germany, but from the Netherlands s/he would be a close by. Switzerland again - tooootally different story. So distance has something to do with assumed distance over here. It's hard to explain.

    2.) The will of the SA to go the extra mile. Clearly they are able to call over the border and CLEARLY they are able to send you a few pieces for you to have a look at.

    3.) The H-factor I experienced in the different store. Munich for example seems to be much more interested in walk-in tourists but not in patrons. Salzburg on the opposite and Vienna seem to be more interested in regulars and are not so happy with walk-ins. Frankfurt seems totally interested into patrons. So it varies from store to store.
  9. ah sorry, wrong thread, I thought I'd answer to the " I come from another country" thread. Nevertheless it fits in here as well ;)