Choosing a new eternity ring

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  1. Hi ladies! So, hubby and I are in the market for a new ring as we are celebrating a milestone in our lives together. I wanted a new eternity ring and tried on three pieces.

    First up is this diamond eternity ring in rose gold settings. IMG_5331.jpg

    Then this diamond eternity ring in white gold. IMG_5334.jpg

    And finally this emerald number in yellow gold. IMG_5336.jpg

    Eventually, I chose the emerald number as it was a stone i have never had in my jewelry box. I also don’t own a yellow gold ring as yet and thought it would be timeless looking! But I also really like the white gold so I will KIV for the next big celebration!!
  2. Love this...unique, looks great on you!
  3. Great choice! It's beautiful and unique.
  4. Thank you!
    I am resizing the ring so it will fit better;)
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  5. Emerald is the best choice. It's so different and looks striking in YG.
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  6. The emerald ring is gorgeous. Congrats.
  7. The emeralds in yellow gold are simply stunning. You chose an absolutely gorgeous ring. Congratulations on the milestone and the ring!
  8. Thank you for the endorsement, ladies!!!
  9. The ring has been resized and the sales lady rang me up this afternoon to upsell a pair of emerald earrings..I told her I will consider..;) I don’t think I will buy the earrings, slightly too matchy for my taste. Plus when I head out at night, I swear by my statement earrings since I do not wear necklaces.

    . IMG_5388.jpg
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  10. Beautiful ring! Emerald is quite soft though so do be careful with your hands while wearing it. Enjoy it in good health!
  11. Good choice, all options were beautiful, but the emerald eternity ring is unique also :loveeyes:
    Congratulations :ghi5:
  12. Thank you for the reminder, I did not know the fact about emeralds!
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  13. Thank you!
  14. Great choice! Very striking pieces!
  15. I love emeralds and your ring is gorgeous. I myself love a matched set. It looks put together. I would get the earrings.

    As mentioned by others, emeralds are fragile. My guess is that because you were able to resize it, it’s not a full eternity and only a half. That is good as a full eternity is too fragile for emeralds.

    Beautiful ring and beautiful earrings too. Emeralds are hard to match so if you think you might even want those earrings, I would grab them!
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