Choosing a Neutral Bolide

  1. Riffing on allaboutnice's thread on how we select what we think of as a neutral color, I'd like some help in making a decision on a Bolide. I'm blond with fair complexion and want to add a 37cm Clemence Bolide with PHW as an every day alternative to my Black and Gold 35cm Birkins.

    Here are the choices available at the moment: Black, Rouge Garrance, Etoupe/White Stitching and White. Chartreuse also seems interesting but isn't available right now.

    I've been hearing raves about Etoupe, and I can see why. It's a gorgeous neutral color amd looks terrific in Clemence with white stitching. However, I'm not sure whether it's as good with my coloring as Gold. Black is safe and goes with everything. Rouge Garrance is great with black and probably works year-round, but to my eye it's not as subtle or elegant as Etoupe or Gold. But maybe I've already got "elegant" in the Gold Birkin and should be going for that pop of color. And then there's the White. It's stunning and scares me to death. I think I'd be way too worried about getting it dirty to enjoy carrying it.

    Opinions, please. Which one of these Bolides works best with my coloring and adds the most to my every day collection -- or should I hold out for Chartreuse?
  2. With your coloring, and the bags you already have, I vote for Chartreuse!
  3. Etoupe. The SAs in my store say it's a blonde color. And indeed, it does look great on blondes.
  4. Tough call!

    I personally don't care for the Bolide in black--so for me, that's out. The Etoupe is divine but, it might not work for you. Have you tried it on? Can you get to an H an and check that color against you?

    My $$ is on the Rouge--great color, can be a year round color (depending on the scarves you put on it), and will broaden your color options too!
  5. Do you generally perfer warm tones?
  6. Etoupe and Rouge Garrance are two of my fav colors so that is a toughie!!! :shrugs: But there's just something about a red Bolide that I love! :heart:
  7. I'd hold out for the chartreuse. It's a great color and it would be great with your haircolor and complexion.
  8. I tried on a gorgeous Chartreuse Bolide once. LOVE.
    I also think it's amazing in Rouge Garance.

    I'd also say Etoupe, but not if you already have a gold Birkin.
  9. H decisions can be sooo hard! I have a 37cm rouge garrance bolide and I love it! I carry it all the time. I am also blond and fairly pale in complexion. My other H bags are gold and etoupe and I love those colors equally as much....Not helping am I?

    Can you get to a boutique and try them on? Sometimes that is all it takes. Once you try them on it can become obvious which color it THE one. Oh....and I am in love with chartreuse. Saw it in a 35cm kelly(originally thought it was vert anis) and regret passing it up.

    So....I guess if I had to choose I would say it is time to add a pop of color--I'd go for rouge or hold out for chartreuse. And try them on. I have found that I may love a color in one style of bag but not in a different style. So for example a chartreuse birkin may make your heart flutter but a bolide in that color may do nothing for you.
  10. Hmmm, you ladies don't miss much.

    lvrjt, kat and greentea. the Chartreuse probably is the one that would make my heart sing. And it's pretty much a year-round color, too. But it's not in stock, dammit. And greentea, what an excellent enabler you are. Sounds like you're giving the thumbs-up on Chartreuse, Garrance and Etoupe.

    hermesgroupie, pgn and A-T-G, not only did I get to an H Boutique today, I've got the Black, Etoupe and Garrance Bolides in the trunk of my car. And a Garrance Dogon. I tried all at the Boutique, and the Etoupe looked very classy there, but you know how weird inside lighting can be. I need to see the Etoupe and Garrance at home in daylight to know how they work with my coloring and scarf collection. The only thing I know for sure is that I will be buying a 37cm Clemence Bolide. A-T-G, I'm glad you nixed the Black. Someone needs to remind me that the six Black Hermes Bags I have are enough.

    By the way, pgn, I had a Vert Anis Togo Birkin for a nanosecond. It was glorious to look at but I just couldn't bring myself to wear it. Chartreuse is far more subtle and wearable for me.

    SoCal, I just spent the past ten minutes reading about color theory and cool vs. warm colors to be able to answer your question. I believe that I gravitate to warm colors. Somehow, the Chartreuse (a warm color, if I understand this stuff) feels like it's an exciting and interesting color that isn't too "in your face" and that's why it appeals to me. Is Gold a warm color and Etoupe a cool color? Help me out on this, please!

    crochetbella, the Garrance is really pretty. I think if I were buying two Bolides, this would be one of them. I'm just not sure if it would be best as my one and only Bolide.

    Now, I'm going to leave my office, empty the trunk and see how these Bolides fare at home.
  11. Chartreuse, definitely.
  12. I vote wholeheartedly for holding out for chartreuse. No question in my mind.
  13. I would vote red but can see for you it sounds like chartreuse makes your heart sing!!! Go for it - you'll love the bolide (coming from a HUGE fan here!!!)
  14. Keep us posted! Can't wait to see what you end up with!
  15. lulilu, pepper and shoes, I wish that a Chartreuse Bolide were amongst the big orange boxes in my trunk. If only I could try the Chartreuse along with the Garrance and Etoupe, then I'd know for sure. Still at the office but leaving soon for a Bolide extravaganza at home.

    A-T-G, of course I'll let you know what I decide.