Choosing a Gyno

  1. male gyno? female gyno? which do you prefer and why?

    MY mother's doctor was a woman? SHe delivered me, but she doesn't take my new insurance.

    I have two reccomendations for male gynos where I live and one recommendation for a female gyno. I mean doctors names and phone numbers.

    Which are you more comfortable with?

    I know this is a personal topic? But I need to hear the opinions of other women, because I"m just not sure who to call. I need some help in the thought process.

  2. two words.............

    WARM HANDS......

    LOL..KIDDING......I actually use a guy GYN..I adore him cuz he talks thru it and u dont feel awkward at all....I actually even worked with him in the hospital too..weird..LOl..he delivered my daughter....
    Referrals are the most important way to find a good one..NOT whether they are male or female.
  3. Haha, Jill!

    When I lived in Massachusetts, my General Practitioner was a man, my Plastic Surgeon was a man and my Orthopedist was a man. My Gynecologist was a woman.

    I realized that I would be more comfortable to have a female doctor deal with anything below the belt.

    When I was looking for a gynecologist I made appointments with possible doctors (including men), and I went with whoever I felt the most comfortable with.

    I say go with whoever you feel comfortable with. Make appointments with the possible doctors and then make your decision.
  4. It doesnt matter to me I have a woman and a man gyno.. I guess its who you feel more comfortable in front of.
  5. I just had my appointment yesterday. I'm sure no one likes going, but I put it off for seven years. My bad. I should know better because I'm in a medical field. I found a lady Doc and really liked her. She was about 300 lbs and that made me so much more comfortable. I'm not really overweight because I lost a bunch last year, but I still feel paranoid that I look fat when I have to get naked in the doctors office. I know it's whacky. I don't even mind the other stuff.
  6. I prefer a female only because they know EXCACTLY what we go through every month etc....:yucky: :push:
  7. ^^that is supposed to say EXACTLY !!!
    LOL !!! I'm tired & it's past my bedtime !! ;) :sleepy:

    Goodnight everyone !
  8. I only go to male gyno's because I have had 2 bad experiences with women. One almost killed me and my son during the delivery of my first child. My Dr. now is definately the most gentle gyno I have been too.
  9. My current gyno is a woman. I feel much more comfortable with her bc even though they have the same studies, I guess a woman will have a better understanding of how it feels down there when it comes to your pain and such. Besides, it's less embarrasing! But as someone said before, the referrals from people you trust should come into the mix. You want a doctor that is knowleadgeable AND that you're comfy with.
  10. I found a terrific gyno by asking the most demanding and health-conscious woman I know for a referral to HER gyno.

    I have always preferred women docs. But this male gyno is the best one ever. Very knowledgeable. Very kind hearted.
  11. I have a female gyno now, but my favorite was a male gyno back when I lived in Baltimore. Very personable, knowledgeable, and made me feel ultra comfortable from day one. Handled all embarassing questions with ease. I definitely like the advice of getting a referral from someone you trust!
  12. I always use women gynos! After seeing the Hand that Rocks the Cradle I was scared for life about male gynos :wtf:

    i found my doc through my insurance's website.
  13. When you say she almost killed you and your son, do you mean that literally or figuratively?

    (And you totally don't have to answer me if you don't want to.)
  14. Female gyno, and I got referred by my regular doc.