Choosing a clinic in Seoul


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Sep 10, 2020
First time posting here because I've been planning on going to SK for plastic surgery. Been lurking around this forum and rounded up a few clinics that had good reviews. Also just read about these clinics have surgeons swap out/factory clinics which scared me a little. Can anyone tell me if any of these are bad/blacklisted or anything?
VIP clinic
DA Plastic Surgery
Nana Medical Clinic
Dream plastic surgery (Heard this one was extremely popular but at the same time had a lot of bad reviews)
JK Plastic

Also I'm planning on getting a double eyelid surgery, Rhinoplasty, and lastly chin implants since I have a little bit of a recessive chin.


Aug 21, 2020
Hi! Please be careful when choosing a clinic. Here's a thread that has a list of blacklisted plastic surgery clinics:

I'm doing research too so I came upon that thread and it has helped me narrow down my choices so far :smile:
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