Choosing a bracelet


Which bracelet do you prefer

  1. Kelly double tour

  2. Pousse pousse

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I want something I can wear everyday as my signature with any kinds of outfit, casual or professional. Which one is the better choice? Kelly double tour or pousse pousse? FYI, I'm a guy with thin wrist, less than 7 inch in circumference. Thanks :flowers:


  2. I adore the KDT but since you mentioned professional wear, I voted for the Pousse Pousse. (And also, I really like saying that out loud. Heh.)
  3. :supacool:

    double tour
    tad more masculine I think
  4. They're both gorgeous, but I think the pousse pousse is a little more understated and is better for everyday wear.
  5. Personally I really like the kelly double tour. I have it in white and chocolate brown. But it can be a little bit annoying when wearing it with a shirt, so for you I voted for the pousse :love:
  6. Voted for the Pousse-Pousse, because it can be adjusted a tad bigger in circumference (or so I remember reading somewhere). My new KDT is a bit tight fit and I'm thinking of getting a P-P next.
  7. I love both, I don't think you can go wrong, but, for a guy with a thin wrist, I think I'd favor the more subtle of the 2, so, the pousse-pousse.
  8. I wonder if both leathers are chamonix? I have a CDC ring in chamonix so maybe they can have matching leathers "woot:

    CDC ring
  9. Agree with everyone else, pousse pousse.....leans more toward a masculine look.

    I like that CDC ring!!!
  10. I voted Pousse Pousse as it is sleeker and more subtle.
  11. i vote for the pousse. i had the double tour and the bit that stuck out (a lot) bothered me, although i loved it. i think the pousse is great and understated. what about an etrivier btw? they're gorgeous and also understated.
  12. Definitely pousse pousse!
  13. ^^ditto!
  14. The Pousse-Pousse-a small thing can really be a signature if one is consistent.
  15. They are a fairly small investment, so if you like them both, get both of them!!:wlae::wlae::wlae::wlae::wlae: