Choosing a birthday bag...

  1. My birthday is next Thursday, May 3 :nuts: I received a $150 gift card during the Saks Spend Some Get Some promotion, and the BF is getting me a $200 gift card, as well. The first thing that comes to mind is using my cash stash on, well... a bag :graucho:

    Now that I am a new Prada and Miu Miu convert - where have I been all of this time?! - I have my sights set on a few things. Decisions, decisions!

    What do you ladies think? Opinions are appreciated.

    This first bag also comes in orange, which I think looks awesome. I love bright colors. However, I'd love a white bag for the summer! I'm really drawn to this style. I tried it on in tan at Saks the other day, and it's super comfortable.



    This next bag I'd have to see in real life. It says oversize, but I'm not sure how large it is. But it's beautiful!

  2. Hi Cristina...

    Happy early Birthday!! I can't think of a better way to celebrate!!!

    I like all 3 bags. I'm most intrigued by the 1st bag you posted because I love the shoulder strap or handle on the bag - love that knot!

    When I bought my most recent bag (which was for my BD too!) I took a look at what I was carrying, the style and trying to find what style would work best for me so I would get the most wear out of the new bag.

    What style bag do you reach for most in your closet? Funcionality first, then I go for the look... because if the bag doesn't work, I'm the type that will never carry it. Btw, I loved the last Prada you have a pic of... but when I got it I threw my stuff in it - it was nice! soft and squishy, smelled nice and everything, but I found that when I tried to reach for something in my bag the bag was so unstructured that it was a pain to find something. Just a little fyi for you.

    Hope this helps!
  3. All pretty! I tried the middle, brown one and it is VERY big. I was lusting after that same bag for a while. Beautiful, buttery leather and so pretty, but rather large. When I tried it, I wasn't feeling "handbag," I was feeling large big tote or briefcase-like...not something I'd use often for my needs I passed on it, finally... only cuz of the size. I DO love the smaller version that Meowy posted -- looks like a great size!

    I think the top white one is really pretty, very chic for summer. I tried that one, too and I really liked the size and the soft pleats. I love pleats!!

    Good luck with your choice!!
  4. Thanks for the input, padparasha and Minette :smile:

    I figured the large brown tote would be, well - large. It said so in the description, but no measurements were posted. Glad to know it's big so I can cross it off my list. I like big bags, but not briefcase-style totes.

    Pad, when it comes to reaching for a bag in my closet, I go for whatever stands out and whatever fits my mood. That's why I like diversity in my collection, so that I have a bag to fit (most) of my moods ;) and go with my wardrobe.

    I have been looking for the right white bag, but I am afraid of getting the exterior dirty and it eventually getting a yellow/dingy tinge to it. This is the main reason why I shy away from light colored bags. What is everyone's experience with white leather bags? Easy to clean? If so, what cleaners do you guys recommend? I really think I'm going to splurge on the pleated hobo in white :wlae:
  5. Cristina...

    I know what you mean about the white bags. I don't own a white bag for that reason. But then again, my wardrobe is mainly dark browns, olives and earth tone colors so I always tend to go for browns when buying a bag.

    I do however, really like the white bag you posted. I would probably go for the middle tan one though - that'd work best with my wardrobe! :graucho:

    If the bag style isn't an issue, then go for the one you love best.:yes:
  6. Happy early birthday Cristina!! I LOVE the first and last bags you posted.. I think they're both gorgeous! If I had to pick between the two I'd go with the last one. It looks really elegant and fun at the same time!
  7. I'm biased, I like the Prada best! That style also comes in a tan, dark brown and I believe, a black as well if you're afraid of the white (and *I* would be!)
  8. Prada Psycho - I bet the Prada hobo is gorgeous in dark brown :nuts:

    billbill - The Miu Miu satchel looks great on you! I don't think it would look right on me, now that I see it is pretty big. But I love the color.

    Thanks for the input and birthday wishes, everyone! Hopefully I'll be hitting Saks next Friday after my birthday, so if I get anything I'll be sure to post pictures :graucho: I am pretty sure that I am going to try and track down the Miu Miu knotted hobo in white, and also check out the Gucci counter :shame: If I can't find the hobo in-store, I might order it. Hmm.
  9. Cristina Here's the Prada hobo in brown.
    P3220688_pb.jpg P3220682_pb.jpg P3220685_pb.jpg
  10. Happy B-day! Well, I like the first bag, its perfect for summer, I love the color and handle, and plus the leather looks so soft.
  11. Damnit, why did you have to show me these beautiful pictures?! :p :drool: It truly looks gorgeous on you. It looks like a bag that hangs very well on the shoulder, very chic! This bag is beautiful.

    What to do? :push: Hopefully the Saks I go to will have both this bag and the Miu Miu knotted hobo in white, so that I can compare the two side-by-side.

    Thanks for the pictures, pad - they really gave me a good idea how the bag looks on! :smile:
  12. I completely agree with this - I bought this bag earlier this month but it was too difficult to find my stuff in this bag, although I loved the slouchiness.

    I'd go with the first knotted bag!
  13. I :heart: The Last One......Gorgeous!!!!!

    Happy Birthday (almost!)...Never To Early To Start Picking Your Present!!!!!;)
  14. I like the first one, in orange and happy birthday