choose which pouchette?black MC, White MC, Damier Azur?

  1. don't know choose which one. :hysteric:
  2. How about all 3 if you can? ;) Or to better help with your decision what colors do you tend to wear more of? The Black MC would be easy to match your clothes with...
  3. damier azur, it's so adorable :yes:
  4. Agreed!!!:P
  5. 9a_12.jpg


  6. my hubby said the same thing damier azur looks fashion
  7. damier azur!
  8. I like the MC I'd go with either color (but I'm bias towards the black for occasions) azur, I like the mini pochette.
  9. black MC hands down...soo hot...I have the aureilla mm in black MC and love it...want a black pouchette has well...sooo gorgeous
  10. white MC pochette!
  11. i think i will choose white MC.
  12. White MC is so cute.
  13. I vote for Azur!
  14. Another vote for damier azur
  15. i like the white Multicolore, it's so pretty and feminine :love: