choose Valentino vs Louise epi

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  1. I am getting my last purchase for the year and I saw this vinyl canvas the from Valentino the style is call haund fluer. I have never own this brand , please share your opinions about the designer as far as durability, good to invest or not. Thanks
  2. valentino-houndstooth-fleur-bag.jpg
    here is the picture of the Valentino and the other bag is LV Epi Lockit.

  3. no respose. bump.
  4. I like Valentino more than LV. I like the fleur bags, but not necessarily in houndstooth fabric.
  5. In terms of durability, LV Epi has a better durability in the long run. At the same time, if you take care of this Valentino well, I'm sure it'll still be in good condition as the time passed by. In term of design, I much prefer this Valentino to LV Epi Lockit.


  6. Thanks for your input ladies. I really like the Valentino but it does looks a bit more for dressy occation. Can I use the Valentino in casual or it has to be dressy.
  7. i have a valentino bow bag and i love it. Valentino is classy,feminine and can be used for any occasion. Yes, this bag is a bit more dressy but i still think it could be used casually as well.
  8. Both except for cocktail or blacktie events.
  9. I think it could be worn as both: jeans, black or white t-shirt, black patent ballet flats and a long strand of pearls would be a great look for casual.
  10. i like the lv
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    Valentino is always classy...I will go for it. You dont see a lots of bags like this an street , this is very cute style , more unique. Lv epi lockit is more simple and easy to wear with everything .
  12. this bag is made out of nylon... not leather or canvas... is it still good to purchase?
  13. For me it's no contest: the LV Epi Lockit.

    I'd be happy to carry the Valentino out for a night out or maybe 1 dressy event then I'd get a bit bored.
  14. I love the Valentino leather bags but I probably wouldn't purchase in canvas.
  15. Do you have any other options in mind ??? The Valentino is cute , but if you want leather bag go with LV . I will still try looking to compromise between two of them.