Choose The One!

  1. Time for some fun.:winkiss:

    We have all gotten to know one another here for quite some time. If you were allowed to meet only one person from our Hermes subforum at the destination of your choice....

    1)Who would you choose to meet? Why?

    2)Where would that destination take you both?
  2. ONE?? Only ONE??? Arghh... I can't.:crybaby:

    I would love to meet so many people, it's hard to even list them.. And our meeting? Will take us all into early bankruptcy.. :roflmfao:
  3. ONLY ONE!!!!

    The meeting is free...your choice of place. I know this is hard, but it can be the person that least expects you want to meet them. Come on...NO HARD FEELINGS FROM ANYONE!!!
  4. No one brave enough???
  5. Ok.....S'Mom will start.

    I would like to meet.....CROISSANT......because she has such an incredible wardrobe.

    Our destination would be.....her I can try on all those fabby shoes and the "Cary" tutu!!!! :nuts:

  6. saying that..I am going straight to Bagg's house!
  7. Ok....and THEN I'd like to actually BE Gina's Black Box HAC because I'd be in PARIS right now having bon-bons in some really schmancy tea room and spending time with my new friend, Miel Croc Kelly!!!!
  8. Whoa! Hold out, Fesdu....wait! I wanna go too!!!!

    Kellybag? Can we have more than one? Please??????
  9. I'm off to play with Ninja's baby Kelly collection.....
  10. i would want to meet KB. She is the earlier members i met here on this board. :yes:

    Always the nicest. :upsidedown:

    We will go to Paris, have some confit de canard and head straight to the mothership and have a great time !!! Yowza :yahoo: :wlae:
  11. I would love to meet HG and listen to her talk Hermes for, oh, a week or so in NYC!!!
  12. Gina, S'mom, GT, HB, Kou, Fesdu, Japster, 24, GF, SoCal, TV, DQ.... the list goes on and on...... luckily I'm getting to hang out with some of you in LV.
  13. oh I wanna meet Lolo and go play w/ her neighbor's animals!!!
  14. Oh, Oh, Oh....that'd be fun, Ms. Twilly! And on top of it all, you'd be in NYC and you'd get a chance to go to the Hermes store and (hopefully) see all 5 floors! Unlike yours truly who only got to the first floor! :wacko:
  15. I'd wanna meet Lolo just to see her SCARF collection. That girl bought like FIFTEEN scarves in one fell-swoop!!!!