Choose my new bag!

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Which one to get?

  1. Empreinte Infini Speedy 25

  2. Empreinte Infini Fascinante

  3. Empreinte Infini Lumineuse PM

  4. Vernis Alma BB Noir Magnetique

  5. Epi Alma BB Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi all. I am going tomorrow to LV to buy a bag for me. I really need something nice for myself. Please help me decide my new bag and vote!

    I need an everyday bag, but I do not carry with me a lot (only a wallet, phone, keys, tissues, lip balm).

    And if you have more suggestions please tell me! I prefer Epi, Vernis and Empreinte series.

    ( I have Alma PM in Amarante and I do not like the size. I also have black Chanel mini, jumbo etc but I want something more casual than those).
  2. Alma! Classy and gorgeous in the epi leather
  3. Would you consider an Eva? It would fit everything that you mentioned, can go from day to night and can be worn across body, on the shoulder and as a clutch! Perfect IMO
  4. Or an alma bb in one of the other leathers? As you say you don't like the size of the alma pm
  5. Epi neverfull in pm or mm. Or a noe!
  6. Empreinte speedy!
  7. I had Eva but I sold it. Didn´t like the shape.
  8. Do try the Empreinte Speedy 25. It's a wonderful handbag that can be worn in so many ways. Plus all of the colors are wonderful. Infini is a really special color. Its dark navy but looks almost black and will work with so many wardrobes.

    Good Luck at the Boutique and have fun! :smile:
  9. Emp Speedy 25, I love this bag!
  10. Empreinte Infini Speedy 25 :heart:
  11. Another vote for Emp Speedy 25!
  12. Noe.
    Petit is perfect size.
  13. Another vote 4 the Emp speedy
  14. My choice :smile: Have fun!
  15. Empreinte speedy 25.. such a beautiful bag