choose for me (lots of pictures).

  1. i want a bag that's under $800, i may be going to Hong Kong this summer. messenger or tote?

    1. the Danube ($685)

    or the Mini Lin? ($750)
    but i want it in Dune.

    2. the Olav ($680)

    3. Musette (every musette under $800, monogram or damier? $725-$740)

    4. Antigua Cabas MM ($725)
    but i want it white or navy striped


    i'm actually a 15 y.o. guy, choose wisely. :nogood: give some more bag suggestions. please and thank you.​
  2. I think the Olav or the Danube!
  3. I like the Danube
  4. I'd choose #1 in mono- or #2 the Damier Olav since you're a dude. The others are girlie to me.
  5. Mono Danube
  6. i was thinking of this too.
    in Damier Azur or Monogram.
  7. i think the damier musette
  8. Musette in Mono
  9. Danube or Olav since u are a guy .. if u are a gal I would pick musette
  10. Olav.. I saw a guy with it on thurs. Looks cute!
  11. Damier Musette
  12. Olav PM
  13. mono danube.
  14. olav
  15. i agree!