Choose color of Vit Daino Small Hobo for me!

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  1. Hi, I am struggling to pick up the right color! I love both Red and Orange color of this Hobo..but can't decide.. Please help and advise. Thanks!

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  2. Someone had posted a picture of the red one earlier on. It is gorgeous!!!
  3. i have been asking this myself actually... i wonder if orange is more seasonal - someone please correct me if i'm wrong (i am really unsure about this); i think about Fall immediately when i see orange, but my friend would carry an orange handbag any season of the year though. with that, i'm leaning more towards the red... good luck! :biggrin:
  4. I would have a hard time deciding between the orange and red. If the orange is the right color I could see it being used year 'round. I am drooling over a vitello shine hobo in the papaya color (I think it was actually a spring/summer release). I think too that the red is more cool, where the orange is more warm. I guess I am no help here.....
  5. Red...tried it on and loved it! This is actually a very cool bag, and love the way it drops...super soft and comfy!
  6. Here's my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Love, love, love it!! :P
  7. Oh my...they're all beautiful.
  8. ssc - is that the dark red (far left in the first pic) or the regular red (far right)?? either way, the color is gorgeous!!!
  9. Regular red! What I love about the bag (in really any color) is that is is just plain and simple classic Prada. It is not a small bag, so it fits a great deal in it and fits really well under the arm.
  10. oh boy! now i want this bag too... i'm in serious trouble!!!! :nuts:
  11. I personally like the orange....
  12. Orange!!
  13. The red on the left most corner. Seen it and fell in love with it!
  14. I vote red also. But I like all the colors, you displayed---why is it so hard to decide? :smile:.
  15. I'll vote RED one too!!