Choose, choose...well, help.. :)

  1. They are on sale on Mulberrys wepsite. What colour.... :smile:


  2. ooooh la la, the purplish one is YUMMY!
  3. I was on there last night.. They just put up the sale today! I love the 'Magenta" color.. It's a great color for those wanting a magenta Balenciaga. In fact, there are several bags I'd love to order but the whole international shipment thing scares me:sad:
  4. Thanks...
    Jah, me two..But I want this bag really badly and it will become my first designer, so I have to order from the net or else I´ll never get it..

  5. Unless you really need a black bag, I'd go with the purple. The color is fabulous.
  6. black
  7. I agree. The purple one looks like a beautiful color!!!
  8. Shame, that I can´t say..."I´ll take two.." I really wanted the one in Aubergine, but that one they don´t have...buhu... :smile:

  9. i love mulberry and i love the black.
  10. PURPLE! damn that magenta is hot
  11. purple for sure!
  12. I prefer the black for this bag.
  13. black!! :yes:
    it will be more practical in my opinion! you can use black with many looks:flowers:
    oh Ronja what ever you decide on.. cant wait to see pics!! :biggrin:
    i will go on to say CoNgRaaaaats in advance!! :amuse:
  14. :yes: :yes: same here!
  15. I recommend black if this is your first. At least you will be able to use it with more outfits.. Good luck!