Choose between 2 Gucci's

  1. I like #2
  2. Thanks Gucci lover, I think I am with you on that choice!!!
  3. I bought number 2$$$
  4. Congrats!! That's the one I liked the best too :yes:
  5. Thanks chichi143, it seems to be a consensus so far, I am excited!!!
  6. Yup...another vote for #2!!

  7. #2. :yes:
  8. #2! modeling pics when you get iiiiiiiiittt!!
  9. oooh.. I would love to see modeling pics of #2 as well! Congrats
  10. I will definitely post photos when I get her, she is coming from FL and I am FL so it won't be long. I don't know about modelling as I haven't told hubby yet!!, and he'd probably have to help................ :p
  11. congratulations kiara!!! Great choice for #2 :tup:
  12. The hubby doesn't have to know yet... just use a mirror:graucho:
  13. Hey all, I picked up the bag today! The eBay seller is right in my neighborhood, I got so lucky!!!!!!! This bag (#2) is awesome! I like the mirror idea, I will try it one day this week and post photos!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all of you for your valued opinion :smile:
  14. I like your choice! It looks like a great bag!!