CHOOSE A MUSE!!!! for me....


Which color would you choose?

  1. Orange

  2. White

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  1. I have (and adore) my oversized chocolate Muse. But i'd love a 2nd one. I have an Ivory that's coming this week. But i've also fallen in love with the new Hermes Orange color for fall '06. I'm going back and forth about these two and need advice. Here are my concerns:

    * Is the white only useful for the summer? I know that the Ivory will still be offered in fall '06 - but will a huge white bag be out of style and not work then?

    * Will the Ivory get dirty?

    * Is the orange too limiting in terms of what you can wear it with? Neutrals only? (I do wear a lot of neutrals though...)

    * Is the orange just too orange?

    Originally I thought that the Ivory was the Muses' "signature" color - that is to say the color it looked best it. But now i'm not as sure? I also love the color orange - but is it just too much for a bag this size?

    Which one would you keep and why?

    Which bag is more special, unique, and long lasting?

  2. [​IMG]


  3. I bought white muse and then exchanged for chocolate one. I am happy with my choco one since it is soo rich and luxious. For white, it is stunning as well,just not too practical for me since I have a white versace bag and the thread got dirty and the whole bag looks like yellowish with time passing....I love orange one and hope I can see it in person. It reminds me of my orange MJ blake and orange Jimmy choo satchel.
  4. I don't have a muse, but judging from the pictures, I actually like the orange. It's not too orange either. That color really freshens up the style. And the gold hardware makes it look luxe. The white would be more high maintenance and would eventually get dingy. Get the orange!
  5. that is a stunning bag in orange. get it get it get it.
  6. is that their orange?
    That's not 'orangy' at all!
  7. Wow, I'm SURPRISED. It didn't think anyone else would like the Orange.

    Keep 'em coming!!!
  8. j.lo and white muse:

  9. I haven't seen Orange Muse in person. Based on the attached pictures, it looks similar to Tan Muse. I personally would choose Ivory (along with Chocolate). For a statement Muse, I would go for Snow Leopard.
  10. I read on another fashion blog that the thread on the white bags gets dirty first - that would drive me crazy! I think the orange is more fabulous and would flatter more skin tones better. I.e. JLo has a serious tan if you're on the paler side I don't think the white would be as flattering as a warmer color.

    Orange will look great with warmer chocolate browns in winter and fall and in summer you can pair it will lighter browns, ivories, and khakis. I think pulling off 'winter' white is difficult and just the other day at work someone commented on a co-worker wearing white before memorial day. :rolleyes:

    You know the orange is more fabulous, get it! Like I said before buying the orange means you can use Hermes accessories with it. Just imagine you can wear the orange Muse with a Hermes twilly or scarf in the orange color, along with an enamel/H bracelet, you could even tie the twilly to your ankle in the summer above neutral shoes to bring orange to the rest of your outfit. I think fabulous colored bags are rare and orange ones are even rarer.
  11. ^^thanks for such a thoughtful post winternight! I think you just may have talked me into it! :smile:
  12. Yes, pick the orange one. It is a beautiful shade of orange and it would totally make the whole outfit. It would look stunning with bluejeans and a simple navy wool sweater or with a more formal black suit or dress. It would fit very well with all rich autumn colours just like winternight said.
  13. Since I couldn't have said it better myself, I won't. The orange is stunning!!!!
  14. I love it in orange! White is nice, but the orange really has punch.
  15. Orange: it's so rich and gorgeous.