Choose a belt!!

  1. It's my dads Birthday really soon and I want to get him a belt! I've been thinking about:
    - Perforation Belt in black
    - LV initials silvery buckle mat glazed (black)
    What do u think is a good choice? Something black would be nice, no damier or monogram, it's not his style!
    Thanx for your help!
  2. I personally love the Perforation Belt. It's so classy and it can really work for any age. Good luck!
  3. Thanx!! do u think the perf. with the Monogram is better or the one with "LOUIS VUITTON" ?
  4. I like the Monogram one better, but it's all about personal preference.
  5. My dad likes the LV initials one but he has it in gold. He uses this for more dressier occasions. I really like this belt and it feels really smooth and velvety.
    For a more "regular" belt, he likes the damier belt.
  6. I like the LV initials silvery buckle mat glazed (black).
  7. i vote for the perfo belt