Choos with Silver Hardware

  1. I found this cute little Torquay on eBay a couple of weeks ago. I just love the antique looking Silver hardware. It is hard to find a Choo with Silver. These are a perfect match for my Silver and Beige suede Choo flats.
    torquay 003.JPG torquay 004.JPG
  2. It's beautiful! It will look perfect with silver/beige shoes.
  3. Thanks lionlaw. It was a used bag, but doesn't have a mark on it or in it. I had seen this bag last year new on eBay for $899. and missed it. I got this one for $ to get a deal!
  4. Love you great find!
    What a great bag - enjoy :smile:
  5. That's so cute! You are really starting your retirement with a bang, with all of your fabulous purchases:yahoo:!! So happy for you. I hope to be in your shoes at some point in my life... retired, shopping for JC... *sigh* :heart:
  6. What a cute bag. I've never seen it before. And what a great deal! Congrats!
  7. Congrats on a great deal for a cute, perfect size bag! I for one wish that JC would use more silver HW, i like brushed silver/ss, it's so modern (and goes with my jewelry). But then again, some of JC's designs are such that they require gold, KWIM?
  8. continued: that size is exactly what I'm looking for in a summer bag. Basically a big clutch with a strap.
  9. You got it for a song!! wtg :girlsigh:

    I really like the style of that bag, from the size to the shape to the color. :yes: :tup:
  10. i generally prefer silver hw as well for this reason as well as the fact i don't like gold with my coloring, but i am finding the choo hardware is a really nice subtle gold and it has not been an issue.

    beautiful find:love:...i really love it JM!:yes:
  11. It's a real beauty! Enjoy!
  12. Thanks Choo all are the best:heart:
    Bonniec, I am done! I have spent way too much on bags and shoes and boots this last year. I am still working part-time, just not for an employer. I love it!
  13. :p:roflmfao::p Again, some famous last words LOL. We have to start bets here... I think jmcadon will last about 2 weeks before her next purchase...

    W...a...i...t A m...i...n...u...t...e, did you score a Purple Maddy from the UK???? :nuts::nuts:

  14. Not yet. I am still trying to hold myself back!:nuts:
  15. Wow, great bag JM! That is really cute! :tup:

    You and Robyn are definitely the Queens of Choo when it comes to finding the best deals! :queen: