Choos on sale

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  1. There's a fair number of Choos on sale on
  2. thanks for posting. I think this may be the first cut at 20% off. It will be interesting to see if the bags survive to make the additional cuts.
  3. I am really surprised to see the Saba on sale.
  4. You know...I wasn't really impressed with many of the cruise and ss08 bags that Choo had. I guess a lot of others were't either. I know some of the Choo girls liked the Saba, but I bet it gets down to 50% is still available everywhere.
  5. They are going pretty quickly... i bought the black mona, saba in chocolate leather, and the Morgan Shimmer Suede tote.
  6. Does anyone know if the sand Maddy from cruise is on sale at Saks in-store? does not have any Maddy's that I saw.
  7. Uh oh... "my" sandals are on sale
  8. Hi Hasty! How's the Morgan going for you?? :nuts:Did you get in on-line??
  9. can someone post the link? i cant find the bags on sale. or are they all gone already?
  10. Looks like they are all gone. They may have only put a few on the web site.
  11. I ordered them online so I won't receive them until next friday :yes:
  12. which sandals are you longing for? I have to tell you, I wore my new Anyas shopping yesterday and they are the most comfy sandals I have worn in a long time! These were so worth the price!:love: