Choos on sale at Saks

  1. The plum liquid is TDF!!!
  2. I agree, the plum is really really GORGEOUS! :drool:
  3. There are alot more on sale at Saks today!
  4. OMG this is killing me! I love that plum Mahala and I just put myself on a ban. Ahhh, what a decision. And I recently opened a new Saks account and I think my first purchase gets 10% off? I'm not sure.
  5. OH Zophie, you MUST get the LP Mahala :tup:

    If you haven't seen the bag IRL, you can not believe how much more Gorgeous it is in Real life:tup:
  6. No bags for me:nogood:... on a kind of sort of self-imposed ban for no reason :shrugs:

  7. I bet it is! It's killing me! Argh. I just ordered these shoes and I'm trying to figure if the color might be close enough that they'll go together.

    If they are, then I might have to just break down and get the bag. If they get here and I don't like them and send them back, then might get the bag because I'll be returning the shoes. But I don't know if I want the shoes and the bag if the colors are too off from each other. Just from pics it appears the shoes might be too red for the bag.
  8. How do you walk in those shoes? Very cute for sitting, tho!:love:
  9. I always go to the store and haven't made an internet purchase.

    When you order on line - do you have to pay tax:confused1:
  10. ^It depends if there's a Saks physical location in your state or not. If there isn't, you save on the tax!
  11. :nogood: Too red for the bag to be a good match :sad:

    I think the Rachel Leather shoe with patent trim would work better with the Mahala:tup:
  12. Where can I find the Rachel shoe? I was trying to see if I found other ones I might like in a similar color and came up empty.

    As for the CL shoes, they are supposed to get here tomorrow. I don't even know if I'll be keeping them. Depends how they fit. I just hope I'm home when the delivery comes.
  13. I found it on the JC web site, but I am sure one of the SA can get it for you:yes: