Choos ever on sale at NAP?

  1. In keeping with the sale fever, lol, i've got a question. Do Jimmy Choo bags ever go on sale at Net-a-Porter? :confused1:
  2. Yes!
    It usually follows the same schedule as JC Boutiques and web sales.
  3. ^ Thanks for the info, and you are such an enabler...poor Zophie and _bella_, lol! :devil:
  4. Yes, I remember seeing the Ramona and some clutches there last year...
  5. There are some on sale now! haha...I've been keeping an eye out. :yes: Nothing great though. 3 bags at the moment.
  6. I woke to an email from NAP and the sale just started. There are a few items...mostly shoes in the Choo category. Perhaps other items will get marked down.
  7. That must be the American NAP site then...? No sale on the European site yet. The NAP sale here usually starts after Christmas if I recall correctly.
  8. RE: euro site...

    The Euro site has had the sale items available for at least a far as I can remember. Click on the sale button directly under the .COM.

    I just checked the difference and the US site has 15 Choo items on sale from 30% to 60% off and only one bag (White Pal clutch) and the Euro site has 27 Choo items from 30% to 50% off and 3 bags ( Zebra Ramona, Black embellished Katy, and navy Keeya tote)

    I'm not sure which site is better off ... :p
  9. Hi _bella_, those are older items, aren't the Fudge boots back from AW06 even? I waited too long with those, should have gotten them!!
  10. The answer is YES! Just this past May, I bought my fabulous black Biker Ring Hobo :love:w/ Watersnake trim from NAP (USA) for 50% off = $800!!! :yahoo:When sales begin, you have to click on the individual items to see FURTHER reductions. Good luck!!! :okay:
  11. Some things are 06 and some are 07. There's not much difference in shoe styles on sale tho. The bulk are the exact same ones on both sites.