Choos and a bag - the dynamic duo!

  1. Here they are...the Tan Biker Ramona w/snakey trim and the Jola flats... Thanks to the girls for sizing assistance on the shoes!
  2. Ooooh. Love them! Gorgeous bag. I think I need those flats! Great color. Well done jburgh.
  3. Samantha - you DO need those flats! :devil: You already have the bag, right?

    The shoes are on sale at the JC site. If you are lucky enough to get your size, it is a great deal. I got mine from Bluefly. And, they are very comfortable.
  4. congratulations jburgh is sssoooo puuurtty:girlsigh:
  5. That is so pretty! My size is sold out in both places in the color I'd sad.
  6. The tan biker leather is beyond gorgeous,:love: and that's a great pic of how rich the color is. I completely regret not getting those flats when they were still available.
  7. What a Gorgeous combination Jburgh:yahoo:

    Those shoes will go with many different bags:graucho:

    They still have quite a few various sizes and colors on the JC web site and NO shipping restrictions :tup:
  8. LOVE the bag and the shoes! What a great combination! :woohoo:

    Does the Riki come in the tan biker leather as well? It is indeed the perfect tan! :tup:
  9. Well, I have the ring in Burgandy, but I am partial to the flats in your color. Glad to hear they are comfortable. As for my size, I am going to check availability. did they end up running? I am a 9 and wear mostly 40 in JC, but in ballet flats I sometimes can go down a half size. What do you think?
  10. So Robyn, what are the restrictions exactly? Is it ok if the shoes or bag have watersnake trim? So many JC products are finished in some way with exotics this season. What about eel? Are the restrictions for items made solely of python and watersnake?
  11. Samantha,
    I have worn a size 9, or 39 in shoes for years and years. I wore more casual shoes like Keens, Birkenstock (the uniforms of Seattle, lol), and Dansko. When I started buying dressier flats this year, I found that I am mostly wearing 8.5 or 38.5. Besides this pair of Choos, I have Balenciaga, Weitzman, Sesto Meucci, Alexander McQ brands and all are 38.5. I tried some Marc Jacobs and they ran really small. I am a little puzzled on the current size of my foot, since I have gained weight over the last 2 years and the foot size is supposed to go UP when you bear more weight. Perhaps the higher quality Italian and Spanish made shoes just run bigger? Do you wear any of the brands I mentioned?
  12. Me again..gonna jump in about the reptile restrictions.

    At this time watersnake and burmese python are not on the endangered species list. There is no prohibition on shipping items made from these to the US from the EU. However, for each item shipped, the shipper needs to obtain a CITES permit from his own country. In addition to this, the item must be accompanied by a declaration form originating from the department of Fish and Wildlife in the US. Once the bag gets to the US, it gets checked out by customs and is supposed to be examined by the Fish and Wildlife people. Whether customs really does anything other than "sit" on the package for weeks, :shrugs: :hrmm: who can say. After this period, the bag is then mailed to you!

    After talking to both US customs and the Fish and Wildlife department today, this appears to be what is needed to ship it "by the book." These extra steps needed to ship it properly, and the subsequent hold up in customs could be too much for JChoo London. Permits, paperwork, and the wait appears to be a disincentive.
  13. Oooooo JBurgh :drool: great combo
  14. Thanks for the sizing input. Looks like I should try a 39.5.

    I do have Stuart Weitzman and quite a few pairs of Marc Jacobs. I think Marc Jacob sizing can be really odd. I have a pair of pumps in 40 and another in 39 that both fit the same! My everyday go to brands are Kors and Jcrew which run pretty true.
  15. ^^I wear 38.5 in J Choo and almost always an 8 in more common brands. I have a pair of MJ flats that are 38.5 and my MJ patent boots are 38.5, they are both from the couture line not Marc by Marc Jacobs which from what I hear runs smaller than the couture MJ line...go figure.
    Love, love, love those flats. :heart::heart::heart:I just got the Jury flats in black...kinda wish I would have gotten these instead, but I didn't want the gold so I went with plain. I may have to look for these in burgundy.