Choo Yeva's are here!

  1. OK I know this is the handbag place, but I just got my black biker leather Yeva boots and they are TDF!!! The only thing is the ties are different than shown in the stock pics which show 2 ties on each boot when in fact there is one long tie that goes thru both sets of rings...I will post pics soon.:yahoo::heart:
  2. I've never seen these before. Can't wait for pics!:tup:
  3. JM the boots look really cool. Looking forward to your pics:popcorn:
  4. I'm so happy to see a thread started for the Yeva boot! I've been collecting Choo's for a few years now & they are, literally, all I wear!
    The Yeva just went on sale at Saks and I want them, however, wanted to hear some reviews on the quality, etc. before I make a purchase. Last year I bought the metallic chestnut-colored fur-lined boot and, for the first time, was completely disappointed in the look and quality of the boot.
    So, since you are the proud owner of the Yeva, Jmcardon, would you mind helping me decide if I should purchase them?
    All I wish to know is, 1) can you wear them over jeans, & 2) do they run true to size? And, I'd love to see the pics when you get a chance to post!


    J's Girl

    (Oh, I knew I recognized your username! I think you bought a Jimmy Choo Kurung-skin wallet from me on eBay!)

  5. jmcadon - You have the matching black Ring, right? Can't wait to see a pic of the boots. Please post them in the Ref library, the shoes section.
  6. Congrats, those boots are great. I think it's a good thing that they only have one strap, easier to use and much less clic-clac going on.

  7. Thanks for the info! I just placed an overnight order for the Yeva in black! So excited! I'll make sure to post my review soon!


    J's girl, I have the "sister" boots, Yvette. See this thread:

    I wear them over jeans and they run true to size. So far I think the quality is great, but I have worn them only once. The biker leather seems to be less delicate than calf; my calf boots are "door-to-door", the Yvette boots are for walking.[/QUOTE]
  8. I wore them yesterday and they are pretty hot looking...even on an older gal.:supacool: The tie takes some work to make it stay tied when you walk, but they are super comfy like Polaremil said. I tried to take pics last night but it was too dark and my flash just glared up the pic. I will try to post a pic later...our power is off now so I'm working on my laptop battery on AOL...soooo slow!
  9. Oh I can't wait to see modeling pics!
    Do you roll your pants or tuck them in? Those are HOT!
  10. Here is a pic for J's Girl. I can't do modeling pics until DH gets home from San Luis Obispo...yes he's at Pismo beach working this week and I had to stay home and work:cursing:
    choo bags and yeve 008.JPG
  11. Oh those are nice! I thought about those, but was afraid there would be a lot of clickety clackety. What do you think so far?
  12. Yeah!!!! My black Yeva's have arrived & I don't want to take them off!!!!
    Funny story that goes along with it....
    I had them FedEx over-nighted because the weather was predicting our first snowfall here in Columbus today, so I thought perfect timing to have fur-lined, flat boots! I happened to catch the FedEx driver while walking to my office, right. Well, I was so excited, waiving my arms in the air, that as he slowed down to turn, his truck almost lost in on the slick roads! I felt so bad, but he just laughed and before I could ask if he had my package, he says, "Let me guess, your the girl who's package from Saks I just dropped off?!"
    I could see the headlines in my head already, 'Crazy Girl Crashes FedEx Truck in Frantic Attempt to Retrieve Jimmy Choo Boots!'

    I'll try to get some pics up later today- I think I need to calm down first! :wlae:
  13. Post some decent modeling pics! Wow, that was quick. A little clacking of the ties when walking, yes, but they are a show stopper! I don't do the higher heels, just am not into anything uncomfortable in the least bit so I will actually wear these a lot.
    I'm so glad you love them J's Girl...
    Thanks to all...:heart:
  14. :woohoo::woohoo:

    Thats right!
    Come on sister!
    I want to see some "Hot Mama Choo Shoe Shots":choochoo::choochoo:
    I need more of a Choo buzz than leather clad tibia shot!
  15. Those look amazing and I am not usually a fan of flat boots.