Choo sighting!

  1. Okay...this is really kind of lame, but on my way into work today, I saw someone carry a JC ring bag in black! I've never seen JC on another person in the street - outside of going to places like NM's, etc. I don't know why, but I was really excited to see someone appreciate JC - and to carry it off so well!
  2. lol.. I completely agree! I get overly excited when I see a random person'sJC bag!
  3. Oooh! How did it look IRL? I'm still lusting after this bag.... :sweatdrop:
  4. It is so true!

    I have seen only 1 person carrying a Jimmy Choo Bag (Biker Ramona in Burgundy) here where I live. We were coming out of the movie theater and it was so funny, DH looked at it and said "that bag almost looks authentic":roflmfao:

    What was even funnier, he was right:tup:
  5. I've never seen one on anyone else :shrugs:
  6. Coincidentally, or not, the only time I *think* I may have seen someone carrying a Choo bag was at, of all place, Lowes! I was carrying a ton of pumpkins and cursing my DH for having disappeared with the cart when I saw a girl with what looked like a black Ring bag (yes, it started the obsession!). But really, it looked just like it, or it was at least a very similar style. But I was too far away to really tell. At that point I had two choices. Drop said ton of pumpkins and become this girls brand new stalker, or go about my business of attempting to find DH so that I could clock him with one of those damn pumpkins for taking the stupid cart! :death:

    I must admit, I feel I made the wrong choice. I did not become a stalker that day and so I am instead obsessed with a bag that someone else may, or may not, have been carrying! Because if it was the black Ring bag? It looked fabulous even from afar!

    I'm going to get kicked off here for "talking" too much, I can just see it. :nogood:
  7. I have to say, the bag looked FABULOUS on her! She carried it off really, really well. Although the bag was black, she was wearing a really pretty blue trench and she just looked so chic. I'm not saying that people in DC are not fashion-forward, but people do tend to be more conservative and safe.
  8. Totally agree. I don't know where in the DC area where you live, but I live in Fairfax county and it is ho-humville out here. I had the most "funky" stroller, the best diaper bags, and now probably the best purses and many of the people around me have MORE money than I do!

    Around here, I SWEAR, people are more into going out to eat 5 times a week. (I don't waste my money on eating out). To me THAT is a real waste! Even for our anniversary last week WITH a 25% off entree AND a free dessert (compliments of the restaurant for our anniversary), it still came to $96 with tax and tip! Yikes!!! That's half my weekly grocery bill and I buy REALLY good quality food (family of four - prepare all meals including lunches).

    About as expensive as I see around here are Coach and Dooney and Bourke and I SWEAR most of those are from the outlet or TJMaxx and Marshalls. Yet, here in Fairfax County we have the entire Galleria FULL of $2000 purses and higher, so SOMEBODY has to be buying, right??? Just no one around my neck of Fairfax County!!!

    That's why the new JC clutch DH got me will be hard to "hide" despite it not having a glaring label on the outside (hate labels!)
  9. Lol, I hear ya, neighbor! I've only seen one real Choo bag out on the streets in D.C.--a fabulous black patent Ramona being carried by a Senate staffer last year. I was in a taxi and I almost yelled, "Stop this cab." :nuts:
  10. You crack me up! :roflmfao: You should write a humor column in the newspaper. Glad you are getting your Ring!
  11. I, too, get excited if I see another person with one. The first one I ever saw (and when I first fell in love with them) was actually in person, but the person was from out of state. I've seen a couple in airports. But the only person I've actually seen locally was in a furniture store. She had a red ramona.
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    Why can I imagine you with an arm load of Pumpkins Stinkerbelle running around Lowe's looking for DH:cursing:
    You kill me with your post and I agree with Jburgh you should write a column:lol:

    I can also picture you stooping a taxi to get a better look at a Gorgeous Ramona;)

    So everyone who lives in a large city with numerous Designers available, why is it we hardly ever see any high end bags? I see a lot of Coach, Dooney Burke, and an occasional LV. Do the buyers just purchase the bags and store them in their closets:confused1:

    I wear all my JC bags with shorts, jeans and most of all sweats :blush:
  13. Nice!!!! See, you can wear JC with EVERYTHING. :graucho:
  14. I agree, you can wear a JC bag with anything, and I do! I really like how they "dress-up" a casual outfit.:cutesy:

    I too see a LOT of Coach, a lot of fake LV, and Dooney. Coach more than anything. Which makes my Choos stand out even more! :supacool:

    Oh, and as for DH and those damn pumpkins...I finally found him WITH the cart, and what did he have in it? A replacement reel thing for his weed whacker! Yep, you need a cart for that as to avoid the risk of back strain! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I'm walking around a stupid store the size of an airplane hanger with 50 pounds of pumpkins looking for him! :cursing:

    What is it with men and Lowe's? I swear, you'd think it was....well, a JC boutique that was freshly stocked for the upcoming season! :dothewave:
  15. Ain't that the truth! My DH always seems to wander off in the store, and I am so tempted to go to the front and say that I have a lost child. We both carry cell phones, and there have been several occasions when I had to call him in the store.