****Choo shoes - show me yours****

  1. Hi, I would LOVE:love: to see your Choo shoes. I've seen some (Samantha's gorgeous collection among others) on the glass slipper forum, but they seem to drown there among the CLs and Manolos, so maybe it is okay to post here...? I'll post boots later (and bigger, sorry about the small size of the attachments).

    Chooshoes1.jpg Chooshoes2.jpg Chooshoes3.jpg

    Chooshoes4.jpg Chooshoes5.jpg

    My thing with JC actually started with the shoes and at the moment I'm almost more obsessed with JC shoes. They're so beautiful and comfortable. The black satin ones and the gold ones have me covered for almost any cocktail or black tie event cause they're so classic and go so well with everything.
  2. Oh my....this is one VERY beautiful shoe!:love:
  3. ^^^the best part: those were on sale back when I bought them from NAP. I love bargains.
  4. That gold one is really beautiful! Very elegant yet absolutely wearable. I have such an infatuation with metallics :shame:
  5. ^^me, too...even when they were not in.
  6. Here is my small Jimmy Choo Shoe collection :angel:

    The last pair are ones I just received last week :yahoo: I had been dying for these since the summer when I got my Burgundy Ring bag.

    I finally found an AMAZING deal on them, I just couldn't resist :shame:
    blackboots.jpg jcshoes.jpg jcshoes2.jpg kat.jpg
  7. Very lovely & sweeter on sale :tup:
  8. Lovely!

    My shoes:

  9. And I ´ve bought those 2, but they haven´t arrived yet:


  10. [​IMG]

    I love them all, but those yellow butterflies take my breath away!! :drool: I soooooo wish I had a pair, you lucky girl~!
  11. [​IMG]

    And this one too... love it! That looks like such an amazingly functional style, :tup: gorgeous shoes girls!
  12. " I love them all, but those yellow butterflies take my breath away!! :drool: I soooooo wish I had a pair, you lucky girl~! "

    They look like this from the side:

  13. Here is part of my collection:


    League in Fuchsia


    League in Beige (absolutely adore this shoe, which is why it's so worn!)


    Texas in Black/Gold

    Atlas (SATC movie shoe)

    Eliza in Black Petrol Patent

    Isis in White (most impractical shoes I own)

    Loyal in Black Patent

    Mardi in Gold

    Sorry that the pics are so big!
  14. gorgeous!!! i cannot wait to get my first pair. there was a pair i was going to buy on eBay, but the seller has taken it off. they were authentic though, but i hope she reposts them. :smile: you ladies have such beautiful jimmy shooes
  15. here's mine =)

    i also have a new pair of hallie boots, but no pic yet!