Choo sale at NAP!!

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  1. Here we go. NAP has put some more Choo's on sale! Not the purple Mahala tho!:crybaby:
  2. Not fair!!! The sale on the European site starts much later:tdown:. All the shoe/boots styles I covet are on sale chez vous...
  3. What does "shiny leather" mean? Is it patent?
  4. ^^no. just regular leather that is buffed to a high shine.
  5. I just purchased the Alex in black suede from NAP for 30% off, and no sales tax!! :graucho:

    I am so excited. Earlier today I went to the Jimmy Choo boutique inside Bloomingdale's SF to give the bag a complete test drive. They didn't offer it in black suede there, just black calfhair.

    I have been looking high and low for a black handbag, and was also considering the LV Suhali Lockit. But the lockit is a full thousand dollars more than what I spent at NAP, and fails to have a cellphone pocket inside! So I passed and went for the Alex. SO EXCITED.
  6. Congratulations! I have the blue suede Alex that was on sale at Saks on it's way to me. The black is also really pretty and if I didn't already have God knows how many black bags, I would have been lusting after the black Alex as well! :girlsigh:
  7. Congratulations! It's a great bag with tons of compartments. Great for those overly organized people like me....HAHA...who am I kidding!?! :p
  8. My black suede/watersnake Alex arrived today (two days early!) and I really love it.

    I know the style isn't for everyone, but I just think it's so cool and stylish and unique! I'm looking forward to the leather handles softening up nicely over time. I think this will be an excellent addition to my collection, and for the moment, it is my sole black handbag!
  9. Hi Jane! I'm glad you love your Alex! I had it in the Navy and it wasn't for me, but as I was looking at it, for as beautiful as the Navy is, I thought it would look better in black with the gold hardware. Black suede is so rich looking, classy....I think I would have liked the bag in black much better myself.

    And it would have been nice if I could have figured out how to lengthen those straps! :upsidedown:
  10. I have been talking with an SA about the Shiny leather.. also kind of threw me off.. If it's the one on the Alex, it's pony hair (and thanks to jburgh too!)
    So yeah, it's a different ballgame if that was it really is.. I felt the Calfskin version wasn't shiny at all.
  11. Oh, I think the Alex is tons nicer in suede. But I would defer to Jane on this as she has the bag and loves it...I would love to see it in black.
  12. I really really really hope my SA still has the black suede for me.. After researching it thru the fabulous threads of Purse Blog! =)

    Jane (jburgh I assume) told me she's not fond of the Alex much. But she was very generous about her thoughts on it. =)
  13. ^^ No, Jane is not Jburgh, "Jane" actually has the black suede Alex and apparently loves it! She just received it and will hopefully post photos soon! :tup:
  14. yeah I was confused there for a minute!

    I do like the bag, I carried it out today on a trip to the grocery store. It wore comfortably, I kept the middle short strap unfastened.
  15. Thanks for clearing that up ladies.. Sorry too for the commotion. Trying to connect the dots. :p

    So Jane, tell me more about the suede. This might be a little early to ask, but the suede, does it seem really too sensitive?