Choo questions

  1. What is biker leather? If the ring bag is the style that is shaped like a rectangle (looking a little long vertically) then what is a Riki ring? And, is the belt that goes through the Ramona and Riki meant to be adjusted? TIA I can tell from reading the posts I'm asking experts!
  2. LLANeedle - The Riki and the Ring are the names of two different belted styles of Choo bags.

    Biker leather is the Choo name of a type of leather they use for some of the bags. It is a little thicker, a little less shiny than the regular smooth calf and has been distressed.

    The belt in belted bags can be adjusted a few belt holes, but it is really more for decoration. I don't like it adjusted too tight because then the end dangles too long.

    Please check out our new Jimmy Choo Reference Library for styles and colors. We just got it last week and are all working very hard to build it up. You will find pics of the Riki and Ring as well as bags made from biker leather.