Choo places in CA (ie Burbank, LA)?

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  1. So my loving DH will be in CA in (of all times) June!! It's around Sale time and my bday month! :yahoo: I need to "plan" this for him (if you know what i mean :graucho:)
    What are the good places to check out for Choo there? This way, I can give him specific places to check out. I was supposed to go with him, but work's a crybaby..:Push:

    Any info will be helpful! TIA!
  2. Will he be in LA? If so, there is a JC boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Thats where pretty much all of the celebs shop so he might run into one of them at the boutique, lol. And if he will be in Southern Ca, then there is a boutique at South Coast Plaza which is a mall in Costa Mesa. These are the only locations I know of and I live in between the two. Hope this help!

    Btw, JC have sales? In June? When exactly do you know? Are all handbags part of the sale (i.e "it bags") or just a limited selection? I love sales!
  3. Those are the 2 Choo boutiques I know of in SoCal. They are also sold at Nordies, Saks and Bloomindales. That is about the time of the sale...sometime in late June, I think. Keep an eye on this forum around that time and watch for the fireworks:hysteric:
  4. Sweet. Thanks Ladies!! Ooh I'm excited!
  5. Oh Abi I wish I could meet him out there and help him pick out some Choo babies for you :wlae:

    That's my "old stomping ground" and my SIL still lives there. I do not know how she manages to work across the street from a mall with SFA, Bloomies and all the rest and not be broke :shrugs: I would be there everyday at lunch and after work every night :Push:

    Anyway, I think you should really try to go along and pick out your own "gifts" and have a nice little vacation with DH :beach:
  6. I know!! I so need a vacation, even just a "relaxing" weekend in a concrete safari (aka nice shopping malls). :girlsigh: Well, I'm slowly working on my list. So excited. He's been tempting me specially that they might even go to Vegas! So jealous!

    I really wish a fellow Choo girl can give him a little bit more direction. Although I shouldn't worry about it too much, he has pretty good taste. I'm kind of tickled about that. :nuts:

    I'll be at the malls constantly too if I were your SIL! Gosh, I'd be in trouble too Robyn!