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  1. Helllo!
    I'm new to the Purse Forum, and am in need of some "expert opinions" as to the authenticity of a bag because, while Ive owned my share of designer purses, none of them has been a Jimmy Choo, so I have no clue what to look for. A friend of a friend wants to trade her "Maddy Mahala" as she called it, for my Givenchy Obsidia Hobo. I know my bag is the real deal, but Im pretty sure that Jimmy Choo has a Maddy bag and a Mahala bag, not a Maddy Mahala bag... Ill attach pictures of the bag in question. Please advise 20160702_084642.jpg 20160702_084447.jpg 20160702_084554.jpg 20160702_084642.jpg as to whether it's Choo or Poo. Thank you
  2. :smile:;););)
    There is no maddy-Malala and this bag is fake! Ask your friend where she got this...oh and we have a thread here for authentication requests. Look around and get to know us
  3. 7
    Thank you. I thought it seemed a bit stiff. And upon a closer look, I noticed that the two name plates each had a totally different font! The outer one has the thinner "H" with the high crossbar amd the inside one had a wide set "H" and the O's look exceptionally large in comparison to the other letters. But as I said, Im not familiar with the Jimmy Choo checklist because I've not owned one. I was hoping to start
  4. Please post all authentication request in the Authenticate this Jimmy Choo thread...thank you!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.