CHOO on Overstock!!!

  1. Patent Ramona, Mahala, Mahdi, Maisie, etc.
    And use this VISA 10% :tup:promotion link...

    I used it on purchasing another Choo, a green Mahdi. I will probably return it since I really wanted black - and I got it!:yahoo:YAY!!!:yahoo:

    If you are a club O member, you can override the 5% discount and have 10% simply by signing in using a different email address.
  2. The Ramona is VERY tempting...I would snatch it up for sure if it wasn't patent!
  3. Same here! I had it in my cart and was going to buy both the Black leather Mahdi and this patent bordeaux Ramona for comparison... but I left it there for someone who's been looking for this exact bag. Also with the red Mahala - almost took it for myself but I already have a rouge Chloe Paddy. Don't want to be greedy... ;)

    Hope a tPFer gets them!!!
  4. Are all of those bags authentic? I've always wondered :confused1:
  5. How do you like your rouge paddy? Do you find yourself using it a lot? I've wanted a rouge paddy for a while, but am looking for one on sale before I buy it.
  6. I have not used it yet - but I will come Fall/Winter. I've been mostly using my white Chloe Patsy tote for summer and rotating in my chocolate front pocket Paddington. Good luck with your search!
  7. IntlSet - sorry to hear about the straps on your Choo's! I have no idea about the retail prices on shoes - I mostly look at bags. But I am certainly going to check for authenticity before removing the tag off my black Mahdi satchel.
  8. Again, are the bags on their Aunthentic?:supacool:
  9. Bagged - I usually hang out in the Chloe forum and here are some rave reviews posted by 3 tPFer's who got authentic Chloe's. :tup:

    I'm sure you can search "overstock" in the entire tPF to find other reviews on designer bags purchased from overstock. I am waiting on two Choo Mahdi bags and will proceed with caution (I believe they also place a security tag on their merch. to prevent bait and switch, which IMO happened to Diabro and Bluefly).

    Also, Overstock has a lenient return policy w/ no restocking fee, no tax and only $2.95 s/h - so I am definitely going to see if I've gotten a good deal or not! :smile:
  10. I got a Chloe Red Paddington Tall Satchel that I've been longing for! $722!!!!!!!!!!! Every other place I've seen them, even on eBay, they've been well over 1000! Oh lord, my hubby will BEAT ME! LOL:tup:
  11. Thank you so much for responding! :smile:
  12. YAY Grace123!!! :yahoo: I have that style Paddy in beige and I absolutely LOVE it!!! That's an amazing deal. I would've gotten that exact one if I didn't have a red paddy already! Be sure to post pics in our Chloe forum :nuts:
  13. No problem! :yes:
  14. Oh I will! You can bet on it! Here she is on the site:

    I see there's one for $999 too, appears to be smaller though than the less expensive one I got?