Choo newbie looking for first bag advice

  1. Hi! I'm normally a Chanel/Fendi girl but am thinking of selling one of my Fendis to fund a Jimmy Choo. I had written off the Ramona when it was super popular, but now I think I really like the brand, especially the rich gorgeous leather (not a huge fan of smooth leather). I am looking for an everyday bag that can hold alot but won't overwhelm my smaller/short frame. I love the look of the Small Ruse, Ramona and Radiant (esp due to the pockets on the side). I'm open to all colors except white. Any recommendations on a bag and color? Also, I really can't do full price on a Jimmy Choo bag right now, so any recommendations on where to look? Thanks so much, I'm really glad this brand has its own forum! After really checking out their purses I can see why!
  2. Welcome to the Wonderful world of :choochoo: Choo :yahoo: echo_23

    The Ramona is a wonderful bag and I highly recommend it. Right now there are some great deals on the different Department store sites (SFA, NM, B & G and Net Porter) Also if you call any SA at the various Nordies, you can get someone to locate one for you at 30-40% off. I would also try calling Casey @ JC Boutique in Chicago and see if she can locate one for you during their pre-sale event (free shipping is going on).

    Good luck and glad you came over to the Choo side :woohoo:
  3. Thank you so much Robynbenz for the warm welcome! Thank you for the advice too! I have it narrowed down to a Ramona or Radiant both with motorcycle leather and snakeskin in either black or red/burgundy. I will certainly take your advice and start checking out those stores and their sales since I know I can't do full price.

    Does motorcycle leather pick up rain spots if you get stuck in a storm or will they go away once it dries? That might help me decide between black and red since I want to enjoy the bag and not worry all the time :smile:

    Thanks again for the help and warm welcome!
  4. Hi there echo_23, welcome to the Choo forum. I am writing to tell you that I have biker leather in nearly all of the colors - a tan Ramona, tan Jola flats, a forest green Ramona, a black Ring, a burgundy Radiant and burgundy Jola flats. Biker leather is my favorite leather. I love the distressing.

    The only one I was trapped in the rain with was the forest green Ramona. I did not get spots. But, I sprayed all of these bags and shoes with AppleGarde rain protector when I got them. AppleGarde does not damage or change the color of the bags. I have not tried other protector sprays. The AppleGarde was recommended on the Balenciaga forum. It can be mail ordered or purchased at Burlington Coat Factory in the leather coat department. Some people never spray their leathers and probably cringe when they read this post, LOL.
  5. OMG, the radiant in burgundy AND a forest green ramona :drool: . Those are the two most beautiful colors! I will definitely invest in some appleguard and spray my JC when I get one. I think I might wait and try to find a forest green or burgundy on eBay. I couldn't find any on sale at any of the regular stores, but maybe I'm missing them.
  6. Good luck with the green. I've never seen one on eBay. I don't think they sold them here in the US. Ask jburgh where she got hers. There have been a couple of burgundy Radiants on eBay recently, tho. Be very careful on e-bay as this bag has been copied. We don't want you to get a fake!!!
  7. Thanks! Yeah, getting a fake would be a bad introduction to the brand! I just got used to authenticating Chanels, but they seem to have many more tell tale signs since they have the hollograms and authenticity cards. I'll be sure to find a reputable seller and post it in the authentication forum when I find one. Thanks for the heads up; I tend to wish for the best, which isn't a good thing to do on ebay!

    I've been reading some old threads and it seems there have been alot of half off sales on these bags. With that in mind, would you recommend waiting around for a really good deal on a bag or snagging one near full price when it comes up? I'm not sure how much demand there is for the ones I want- if they'll go really quickly near full price or if the prices should be going down as popularity for the Ramona simmers a bit.
  8. I have the Burgundy Ring and the XL Ramona in the biker leather as well as the tan & burgundy wallets in the distressed leather. I have been caught in pouring rain with the Ring bag and a couple of others. None of my bags have been pre treated with any protectors and I have had no problems with the leather getting spotted or stained with any water damage. I have been torn between pre-treating but have yet to do anything.

    As for waiting for sales, I highly recommend talking to your favorite SA in the various Department store (feel free to ask for recommendations) @ the SFA, NM (Mark @ the Houston store is great) & JC boutiques, let them know what you would like and have them call you when sales are coming up. I would not buy your first JC on Ebay if you can help it :tdown: being patient and letting all of us know what you are looking for would be a better option than getting burned with a FAKE on your first JC bag:cursing:
  9. :sad:, just what I was doing when I read this, thanks jburgh :nuts:, wish I knew this sooner! I also own a biker leather tan ring & nearly cried the 1st time I got suck in the rain & find out that the water spots became permanent but it didn't turn out as bad as I thought because it actually added character to the bag & every-1 who see it thinks it came like that & love it! Now, whenever I carry this bag I carry a small towel with me or in my car for rainy days, so I recommend if by reading this you're starting to stress out go for a darker color bag or get the one you fall for & take jburgh's advise, good luck ;)
  10. Wow. I can't believe how behind I am. Thank you so much Robyn for posting that you don't pretreat your bags. Because I don't either and I wonder all the time if that's wise.

    I just hear bad things about treatments darkening leathers, etc. that I never took the risk. Glad to hear that a Choo Queen agrees! :queen:
  11. echo_23 - My forest green biker Ramona came from Neiman Marcus. A week after I got it, it went on sale. I called to get a price adjustment, but the mgr said that there were no others left in the system, so she couldn't give me the sale price, because there wasn't one left to "sell." Sounded like BS to me, but I wasn't about to return it. The other place they are sold is to the European market. Call the Sloane Street Choo in London and ask them if they could ship it to you.
  12. That's annoying! But I guess it's compensation to have the bag that everyone drools over! How long ago did you buy it jburgh? Do you happen to have the London store's phone number?
  13. The Sloan st. store number is Tel 011 44 20 7823 1051