choo, louboutin,blahnik...

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  1. Which of these brands are the most comfortable? I can't walk in anything higher than 2":shame: Of these brands, what model should I be looking for? I live in the small shoe capital of the I will have to order them online..blast these size 9 feet!:cry: I've been looking at neimans, saks and bergdorfs..I also checked there anywhere I'm missing? Thanks!:love:
  2. Louboutin's are the most comfortable ones. I own tons of designer shoes and I find Lou's to be the most comfortab;e in any height
  3. i agree- i have all three and my louboutins are by far the most comfy!

    however, i think choo and MB make more daring, flambouyant, trendy designs not to say LB is ever not stylish! but you dont get the flash of the other designer, LB is more classic and timeless, harder to pin down exactly what season any show could be from... aka just damn good design.
  4. yes they are, check out the new styles for 2006,.... HOT!!!!! CALIENTE!!!!
  5. Choo's are more comfortable for me b/c i have flat feet:sad:
  6. Louboutin's are comfortable, but sometimes Blahnik's can be great. It depends on the style. I wouldn't want to go hiking in either one. If you want comfort you really have to try them on and see what works for you.
  7. Go to the store and see what shoe the foot fits!
  8. I like my Choo's the best. Especially their boots- they are comfortable to wear all day long. But again, you just need to try them on to see which fits your foot the best. IE> I cannot wear the Blahnik halter's (sling back) but I can wear the mary janes. It all depends on the shoe.
  9. I can only speak for Manolos. I find them to be pretty comfy.
  10. My opinion is Blahnik, I find them much more comfortable out of the three mentioned.
  11. I think it depends on the person/person's feet :biggrin: For me Choos are the most comfortable, but I think they all have shoes that could be considered comfortable and not.
  12. Out of all those, I think Choos are the most comfy.
  13. all! if you want cute under 2 inches , get the new espadrilles from louboutin the slides , they are a 2 inch comfortable platform
  14. i love blahnik. i live mostly in my prada shoes though. they are soooo comfy and they make various heel sizes too.
  15. Same here! I live in Jimmy Choo flats!