Choo knowledge

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  1. I wish I knew as much about Balenciaga Bags as I do about Jimmy Choo! I just sold a B-bag that was evidently worth $$$$ for $700. But the good news is that I bought it from Portero a couple of months ago for $200 so at least I made money. I listed it for $200 and sold it in about 1 minute for a buy it now. Oh, it was an 03 Caramel City motorcycle. I was told it is a very rare bag. (after it sold)

    Oh well, more money for Choos!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. JM, if you need help with Bal, let me know!! That brand is my forte!! Anything from 03-05 is in super high demand as the leather post 05 has never been the same. At least you made some money to put toward your next JC!!!