Choo Girls...need your advice please

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  1. I posted this in the shoe forum, but I don't think the Choo shoe wearers hang out there. No one has posted.

    I found a pair of Choo loafers I may not be able to live without. I do not own any Choo shoes and am concerned with sizing.

    Not able to try them on beforehand, and I do not know they run. :confused1: I have a medium width foot, and wear 39 in Dansko, 38.5/8.5 in A McQ, 38.5/8.5 in Stuart Weitzman, 39 in Fluevogs, 38/8 in Car Shoe, and 39/9 in Keens.

    What size should I order, 38.5 or 39? Do the Choos run larger?

  2. I find my Choo flats run a little narrow in the toe. I wear US8-8.5 and a 38.5 in choo flats fits perfect. My new black Jury flats are just slightly tight, but I find they stretch out with wear...the length is perfect. My Choo boots are 38.5 as well. I have a pair of Fluevog boots...8...slightly tight. I don't own any of the other brands you posted...but I wear 39 in Louboutin, 38.5 Manolo, 38.5 Frye, 38.5 Roberto Cavalli. Ask for a length of the footbed and then measure a comfortable shoe you own. Hope this helps!
  3. JburghI am a 5.5 - 6 in most shoes and I just purchased these Choo flats in a 6 and I am pleased with the fit. I can wear them fine with stockings, but there is enough room should I need to wear a pair of heavier socks. I also purchase the same size in the Stewart Weitzman and Donald Pliner.

    I don't have a lot of experience with the Choo Shoes, but I'm trying to change that:graucho:

    Which ones are you looking at:sneaky:

    Are the to match any specific bag:whistle:
  4. Weeeellllll...I ordered the JC Jola flats in the biker tan w/watersnake. Have to wear flats since the ol' knee surgery, oh and the gettin' old.

    Oh my - whatever prompted you to guess the shoes would match a bag? :angel: OK, I'll fess up...I ordered the tan biker Ramona. It came a few days ago. I gave it the Apple Garde treatment and it darkened a few shades - perfect now. I've been waiting to post a pic on the Reference Library....whenever that gets set up.

    But really, no more bags until, well you know :whistle:
  5. Cute flats Robyn and jburgh! jburgh, I wear a 9 in most US designers, 39.5-40(mostly 40 though) in Choos,40 always in Manolos, 39 in Valentino, 39.5-40 in Louboutin.
  6. Thanks for the assistance!
  7. have to post photos of your tan biker Ramona! I have been in search of the perfect tan leather bag forever. But everything I've found is either too light, too dark, too orange, too brownish....too something. The JC tan biker bag looks perfect in the stock photo, but I always wondered about the color IRL. LOVE your shoes that you bought to go with!
  8. Jburgh -- I tried the biker leather flats some time ago. I was actually inbetween sizes, which is why I didn't get them. The 37.5 felt a little small, but the 38 felt a little too big. I am usually a 37.5 in Jimmy Choo pointy shoes and a 7.5 in Stuart Weitzman. They are gorgeous flats and I wish they had worked out for me. Please post pics of them with you new biker leather Ramona when they arrive!!
  9. OK - when the shoes arrive, I'll post pics. I feel a little guilty about getting the bag and shoes, instead of holding out until the sale in December. But what the heck. :girlsigh:
  10. Did you get the shoes on sale? had them on sale recently...oops forgot about the watersnake trim...
  11. No, these were not on sale. I did see them on the Choo site, in a couple of small sizes. They came today from Bluefly, and are my first JChoo shoe - worth every penny! :love: I will take a picture of them (plus the matching bag) tomorrow.