Choo Girls challenge-Sunshine project

  1. OK goes. I just shipped 2 boxes of goodies to Mary for the TPF Sunshine project. This is for soldiers for Christmas. I know Robynbenz has sent some as well and I'm sure some of you are getting your boxes ready to ship. I challenge all the Choo girls to do the same. We have to hurry so they get them on time. Robynbenz posted the link in the Kasia on e-bay thread so go to it, get the info and let's show them how generous we Choo girls can be!:heart: I'd post the link here, but I'm an idiot when it comes to that kind of stuff, so if one of you will post it when you find it please.:love:
  2. Click link for the SUNSHINE PROJECT .

    I mailed a big box today. I suggest you print out the requests and take them to the store. It really helped me. I sent mostly personal products, socks, and snacks.

    I am also going to write out ten thank you cards and sent them to Twinkle.tink later this week. She said that they would really love cards.
  3. What a WONDERFUL idea:tender: Jmcadon & Jburgh

    I sent 3 boxes last Friday of books, personal toiletries, snacks, comfort food, and assorted misc "stuff" I have one more box I am working on getting out this week with more munchies:popcorn: and Christmas cards, note cards and whatever else I can think of.

    I joined the Sunshine Committee in March and it has been a really wonderful experience. I always say I want to do volunteer work, but with Tinks weekly newsletter, it really keeps me focused!

    Anyone wishing to join, just PM Twinkletink and let her know:tup:
  4. Wow, thanks ladies for helping spread the word :smile: