CHOO CHOO! Post PICS of your Jimmy Choos!

  1. This is one of my favorite designers but I have yet to get my first pair...I have a lot in mind but I want to see other members Choo's whether they are shoes or boots, please post your pictures (because I want shoes and boots)...I need some references as well as eye candy!:nuts: :yes: :heart:
  2. I only have the yellow astro slides, but just wanted to comment on Choos in general. Have you noticed that the designs have gone downhill for the last couple of seasons since Tamara Mellon let go of Choo's niece (the former head designer)? There are some beautiful shoes in the resort collection though, so hopefuly there will be a turnaround with Choos. All I seem to notice lately are Louboutins.
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  4. WOW I never knew that:sad: why was she let go? I have always liked Jimmy Choo and but had been into other designers more like Manolo Blahnik, Brian Atwood, and now (like yourself) Christian seems like the Choo's that I have liked have no problem selling so I never really knew about that drama...
  5. Beautiful boots, sammydoll!
  6. I only have one pair, for some reason I never find anything to wear with them :shrugs:
  7. Bagologist-I think it had to do with the fact that she didn't want to pay that girl very much money. I think she was paying her a salary of like $200,000 and she wanted a larger cut of the profits. Tamara refused and I think she figured she could carry the brand on her own. This is also when they decided to start hiring spokesmodels for their shoes (ie Nicole Richie). I know the designer was way miffed that they were paying Nicole Richie millions to model the shoes, but paid her a paltry salary to design and produce them.

    I don't follow shoemakers that closely, but there was an article in Vanity Fair. I love how Vanity Fair is always able to sensationalize any story as a great scandal.
  8. icechick - those are fantastic boots!!! I love them! Maybe a short dark blue/navy skirt?

    I love modern art. Those boots are the perfect work of art. That's why I like Jimmy Choo - every shoe is like a work of art.
  9. sammydoll those boots are TDF!!

    Here are a couple of my Choo':



    plus two more in black:

  10. What a great collection of not just Jimmy Choos but of other Premier Designer shoes as well! :nuts:

  11. some of my choo's :smile:
  12. I never get tired of looking at your shoes Chloe Babe :girlsigh:

    P.S. Thanks compulsivepurse and I took your advice, I just bought a navy See by Chloe skirt at the NAP sale and now I can't wait to wear my boots!
  13. Oooh! Exciting!!!

    I love everyone's shoes!!!

    I am going to attempt wearing the Jimmy Choo boots I bought tonight. I got some grey Elie Tahari jeans to wear with them, but I'm not sure if they're skinny enough. We will see!
  14. Here is another pair of Choo's, a black slide called Bea, worn by my 6 yr old niece! LOL, what an awesome auntie I am!! hee hee


  15. Hmwe46, the second pic with your niece is the cutest modeling pic I have seen!! I suspect it won't be long before she's asking to borrow your fantastic choos!