Choo Arad & Troy Python clutches at half price!

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    I usually post in the Chanel forum but last Friday I came across three Jimmy Choo python clutches that were at half price! I figure that someone in the Choo sub-forum might be interested in them!

    One clutch was the Arad Purple Python - orig. $2525 - now $1262.50

    The other was the Troy Plum Python - orig $2125 - now $1062.50. (Even though the name is Plum it looks maroon in person.)

    We only shot one good pic of the Arad clutch. I believe they also have the Arad one available in the Green/Brown colors?

    If you are a serious buyer, PM me for the store info. The store said that sale bags are final sale so there are no returns.

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  2. it! I saw this bag (Arad) IRL and it is gorgeous. But I am on a serious ban and am going to SF in about a week and want to be able to shop a little, so I am going to pass...but you python girls go ahead and fight over these!
  3. Ooh, thanks for sharing! I think there are some authentic python pieces on ebay right now, too.
  4. Gorgeous bag!
  5. Gorgeous, but I just bought an anaconda mahala at woodbury so no new purchases till the sales in June.
  6. Hmm...safer to buy from a Jimmy Choo boutique, I would think?!

    The items on ebay don't even compare to these bags!

    I'm trying to talk myself out of buying them.....!
  7. Thanks for sharing!! Appreciate it!:tup:
  8. Wow! Thanks for sharing!