Choo addiction snuck up on me and bopped me on the head!

  1. Hi,
    I'm relatively new here and brand new to Choo but I *Need* a Mahala or Maddy in an uncommon color. I'd like a red, turquoise, yellow, orange etc.
    I know that I've missed all of the sales but if anyone can point me in the right direction(because I love quality but I'm tighter than a popcorn fart lol)of some re-sellers etc it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks very much!
  2. ^eBay's a good option but definitely get it verified here first. I'm pretty new to Choo myself, but it's extremely addictive and in the span of a month, I own four! In fact, I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my newest one! There are lots of ladies here that are more than willing to help authenticate though and have a vast knowledge of everything Choo. Good luck! And welcome!
  3. Jimmy Choo has a great turqoise and poppy red colors for the spring in the Mahala and the Maddy that are selling out so they may not make it to the spring sales. Keep checking on eBay and this board for any deals. Choo is definitely addicting!
  4. I have both the poppy and turquoise Mahala. Beautiful colors, yes sireeee! Did you look on our reference library at the pics? It will be difficult to score either second hand. You may have to wait until fall.
  5. Yes.. yours are the reason that I'm one big quivering Choo addict! They are stunning! I've decided to shed myself of some of my collection and concentrate on JC:wlae:.

  6. Thanks for the info and congrats on your new babies!! :smile:
  7. Oops, sorry? :graucho:

    You will never regret getting a Jimmy Choo bag. The quality is just wonderful. I love the Mahala style. Judging from our Choo inventory thread, I am in good company. When you get your bag, Mick and Robynbenz will explain the soup can break-in trick, lol!
  8. Mahala is a fantastic it. Lots of pockets. Get a color that you will love.

  9. At this late date.. do you know who might have the largest collection of Mahala's to see?
  10. Keep us posted on how your Choo exploration goes!
    I love so many different styles -- its kind of like you have to see them in person and go with what feels best!