chole sale on aloha rag

  1. they have an ok selection and all at 60% off!
  2. Ugggg......was waiting for that Chocolate patchwork to go on sale, now it's sold out.......boohoo!! Probably a good thing, my checkbook will be happy!!
  3. I am upset about the gold Edith. :drool:
  4. That gold Edith was calling out to me but it is GONE... just as well. I have to save for my daughter's Bay.
  5. Wow! What a deal - gold edith would have been lovely.
  6. I saw the gold ediths irl at Nordies a couple of months ago, the regular style. They are really, really, shiny, even under the lights of the dept. store. And, the metallic color seems to rub off easily. Also, don't know if the color treatment for leather is different, they seem really stiff, not soft at all. Oh, well, just trying to find excuses....:nogood::nogood:
  7. I had bought one at Nordies a few months back. That's what I thought about it too. Too stiff and the gold rubbed off easily. So I returned it.
  8. Hopefully we've realized that there is no need to be sad about the Gold Edith. Mission Accomplished! :tup: GO TPF!