Chole resale dilemma??

  1. I bought a orange chloe paddington from ROZ a reputable eBay chloe re-seller. I got the bag and wasn't "in love" so put it up for sale on eBay. I've been trying to sell it for what I paid ~1460 and it has not sold (maybe because a lot of paddies have been on sale??). Anyways I then dropped my price to 1050 and no sale. The bag is brand new and has never been used. I'm wondering if I'd be better off using the bag, even though 1. I'm not "in love" and 2. I'd feel pangs of LV guilt, since I'm a loyalist, then putting it up for sale. What do paddies usually sell for new vs. used? Please let me know what you ladies think. TIA:heart:
  2. OMG I'm sooo embarrassed ...please excuse the misspelling of CHLOE in the title!!!!
  3. It is a bummer, but chloe goes so low nowadays unless it's a rare/discontinued one.
    I think you might have better success down the road since primary colors are in for spring/summer :nuts:

    Orange paddys did go on sale at one point in time... and it's hard for people to rock orange. Did you just not like the paddy in general or the color?
  4. No I really like the color, it's the bag I'm not head over heels about. I like the looks of it but it's akward to use (not like reaching in to a speedy!). I felt like the lock was always getting in the way and it was a little on the heavy side.
  5. LV some people take their locks off or even hang them from the sides - that may help?

    Maybe eBay is just a little bit slow at the mo cos its a gorgeous bag you have there.

    Good luck
  6. I would list it again on ebay with the "buy it now" AND "make an offer" options. Perhaps you'll get an offer close to what you want. I think some of us (or all of us?) just want to feel like we got a bag at the best price we could manage! Good luck -- I personally think the orange is HOT. :yes:
  7. Try wearing it without the lock and tuck in the straps into the holder... it seems to work better... although the lock makes the bag, it's still really nice without.
  8. Just a reminder. There is no selling on the PF. Thanks!
  9. I think now is a bad time to sell bags in general: January we were all recovering from Christmas, now we are recovering from Property Taxes, maybe in spring??

    As D&G says orange could be more of a spring color anyway??
  10. i have the same problems , i have to list my down to half off what i paid for my chloe pad shopper.
  11. I think it's kind of normal paddies have been around for a while, the hype is over there are a lot of fakes ... so prices go down.
    I just bought a bag used and saw the same (def. authentic) go for much less a few days later:cursing: shure I was upset but I always honor my word and I did buy from a trusted seller, so I consoled myself with the fact that at least I was shure not to have a bad surprise upon arrival of "the baby".
  12. I think you may just need to use it for a while. Honestly, these bags really grow on you, its lovely to have a roomy bag, that also has pockets on the sides that you can get into easily. As you say, its a slow time for sales, and I dont think the price is going to be affected by some gentle use, so how about devoting some time to really using it and see if she grows on you. I know that I couldnt be without a paddy, whaever other bag I use, I know that at some point I am going to go back to mine as it really is a fabby bag.

    work it baby lol :biggrin:
  13. ^^^ ITA w/ c-b. Since you do love the color and the look of the bag, maybe it just takes sometime getting use to it.

    For me, I know it's a pain to get into the body of the bag, so most of my necessities ---- keys, metro card, cell phone, lip gloss are in the outside pockets.. they're so deep, it really holds a lot. My valuables like my wallet and ID are in the body of the bag. Paddys do really grow on you :heart:
  14. The paddington bag was a tough one for me. I LOVED the look and the leather. For awhile there I was truly in love. It was very deep and held a ton of stuff! However, it was not functional - I found it heavy and the getting in and out of the bag was a lot of work. I never wanted to wear the bag without the lock because the lock was why the bag appealed to me so much in the first place!

    After thinking long and hard I sold both of my paddingtons for a lot less than what they retailed for. The resale of paddingtons isn't that great - why would someone want to pay close to retail when so many sales are going on? Chloe really shot itself in the foot when they played into their own "IT" bag hype and produced too many (causing the surplus to go on sale).

    I :heart: Chloe to DEATH and love the look of the paddington in particular. However, when I sold both of my bags I never experienced buyer's remorse and do not plan on purchasing a new one. I think that's when a style wasn't functioning for me. And that is why I think so many people re-sell their bags. Did you ever notice that it's the professional re-sellers that charge so much? Personal sellers seem to sell their paddingtons for less.
  15. I am so glad you posted, this I was having feelings of guilt....I just bought a Chloe Paddington too. I fell in love with all the pictures and thought it was too cute...but when I got it, I didn't love it as much as I thought. Its cute, and its growing on me, but I don't love it like i loved my LV le fab Suhali when I got it....

    I find the Chloe hard to get into and out of also. I like bags that I can shove my hand into and grab things out of.

    I have wrestled with should I sell it? but I know even though I paid a discount, I'll take a hit on it.....but then again, isnt' losing a few hundred worth being able to get what you truly love?

    I think you'll be fine to wait awhile to sell it prices aren't going to drop on the bag, as chloe's have a stable following and market.