Chole Paddingtons have arrived!!!

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  1. Just talked to my SA at Neimans .....New Chloe Paddingtons arrived in colors of camel...
    Prices ranging from $1540 to$1850....:yahoo:

    Loads of new styles for spring are in if anyones interested...

    My SA's name is Barbara and you can reach her at (248)6351745...she will be more then happy to help you !:jammin:
  2. Funny, I was just about to post this same information! I just got a call from Lisa! LOL!!! Anyway, Lisa Hamlin is also happy to help (248) 635-8442!
  3. I love Lisa!

    She is the kindest SA and such a workhorse. If it is possible to find she will find it for you.

    I thank Jag for telling me about her.
  4. Lisa really is the best!
  5. yes thank you jag, lisa is amazing and so sweet!
  6. My pleasure Nycmom! I am happy to spread the word about Lisa because she really is the best SA I have ever worked with!!!
  7. that similar to Taupe? Speaking of ...has anyone see a paddy satchel on sale anywhere in Taupe?
  8. Lisa described the Camel as a newer version of Whiskey. It has less orange understones than whiskey. I would call Lisa, she could probably find the paddy satchel for you! Good luck on your search!
  9. Thanks Mix and Jag for the heads up :yes:.
    Anyone who buys I want pics!!!
    I'm curious about camel too.
  10. i def want to see pics of the camel!
  11. All the SA are really great at Neimans......I just happen to be addicted (lol) to Barbara....she has never failed to come thru for me sooooooooo give her a try....I'm sure she will come thru for you....Barbara (248)6351745