Chole Paddington 101

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  1. Ok ladies I am new to Chloe. I am really an LV gal myself but after seeing pics of the paddington recently I have fallen in love.


    Where can I buy a Paddington online and where in stores (in person)?

    I have never actually seen one in person so I want to do that very soon. I live in Houston, Texas

    Also I saw another member with a larger Paddinton tote or sachel. I'm not sure what it was called buit looked like the regular paddy only with longer handles.

    Where can I find that bag?

    Also are there any reputable Chloe resellers that you would recommend on ebay or should I stay away?


    I hope to be able to join the Chloe club very soon.
  2. I bought a shopping tote from roz77772002 on ebay. It's the Blanc colour - lovin' it! She's legit, possibly a little over retail but if you're after a bag that's sold out and you really, really want it then she's worth a look. The shopping tote is a deeper Paddy with longer handles. I think there's one up here in the Marketplace in a tan colour. It's a great, especially if you want a bigger bag.

    As for online, another member mentioned Aloharag, not sure what they have. Also has the tote but only in tan - works out cheaper to buy from them in Europe than in the States. NM's has the tote online for pre-order.

    Here's my bag - can't resist the opportunity to post a picture!

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  3. Love it. How much is it going for?
  4. Selected Saks, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom are department stores that carry Chloe. You can purchase paddingtons online at, the official online Chloe boutique. You can also order through Luisa Via Roma at and Aloha Rag ( also carries Chloe, but their stock is limited. Other boutiques that sell Chloe include the Chloe stores at South Coast Plaza and New York, and Ron Herman in California. There are probably more, but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

    The regular paddington satchel retails for $1540. I'm not sure how much the other styles run, I'm only a fan of the original paddy satchel :biggrin:
  5. Thanks guys. That's good info to know. I saw Lorens yesterday and she's partially responsible for me obessing over Paddy's today. I especially like the color of Cristina's.

    I am going to go to the mall today to see if i can spot one in person.
  6. Interested? :amuse: Mine is up for sale. See them in person, then let me know :shame: :nuts: It's a beautiful bag, I hope you're able to spot one today.
  7. Iluvbags: I live in Houston too. Besides NM and Saks, try Joseph Shoes & Accessories on Westheimer (ask for Nancy). If you haven't discovered this shop, it's FABULOUS and they have all kinds of designer bags and shoes. 713-623-8034

    I have no clue what they have in at the moment but it's worth a shot.

    I was at the Galleria on Sunday and NM didn't have any regular Paddies on the shelves but they had other styles. Saks had only an Anthracite satchel and a Grenat Hobo.
  8. Oh thanks. I was going to heard to neimand and Saks first. You save me a trip. I just called the Joseph store and Nancy said they didnt have an Paddington's.

    Any others suggestions?
  9. I believe someone posted that Intermix in NYC (Madison Ave.) had the whiskey tote in stock this weekend. I am unsure of their return policy (assuming that matters for phone-based purchases).
  10. You can also try they tend to sell out pretty quick but that is where I got mine from.
  11. also carries Chloe bags online.
  12. Agreed with all of the above, bluefly has them sometimes too. I just ordered one off there successfully, cant believe it was still there!
  13. Hi, I posted this on another thread and am reposting in case you didnt' see - is it very hard to get the whiskey paddington? Thanks!
  14. ^^^It was available on a couple of days ago, maybe it still is now :biggrin: